Coffee & Nails


It’s early morning, not quite 60 degrees, and I feel a sense of wonderful calm.  The weekend is a great time for me to write, pamper myself, finish house tasks, and unwind.  I pulled out my cushy sweatshirt, grabbed a polish great for autumn, and fixed myself a cup of coffee.  During the week when I’m scrambling to get myself ready for work and my daughter off to school, it’s coffee with a bit of stevia and almond milk.  This morning I treated myself to coffee with a splash of coconut milk (the thicker variety not suitable for cereal) and a drizzle of Barlean’s The Essential Woman Swirl in chocolate mint, because I seriously love anything mint.  Later, I’ll try to fit in a manuka honey face mask and pick up where I left off on reading Crime and Punishment.  Thank goodness for leisure time.

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