Tempeh & Greens

tempeh & greens

I am all about quick vegetarian meals, but I don’t want to sacrifice health in the process.  One of my favorite quick meals is tempeh with greens. Tempeh is simply fermented cooked soybeans, and I for one absolutely love the taste and texture.  I always buy organic, non-GMO tempeh.   I’ve prepared it with kale, which is my favorite, as well as spinach and broccoli. If you use broccoli, I would use thawed frozen broccoli to keep the prep time to a minimum.

It’s so simple a recipe isn’t even necessary. Sauté a bit of your favorite oil with some diced garlic, throw in cubed tempeh and your greens of choice. Saute until the greens are wilted.  Top with sea salt and pepper.  Seriously, less than ten minutes – and it’s healthy and delicious!  Win-win.

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