Why I Loved Reading “Walden”

waldenThoreau’s Walden has to be one of the most enjoyable pieces of literature I’ve ever read.  This book has so many of the qualities that we look for not just in literature, but in other people – integrity, warmth, liveliness, joy, perseverance.  I didn’t know much about Walden before I read it, other than the basic idea that Thoreau had written it about his time spent in solitude on Walden Pond in Massachusetts.  Written in the mid 19th century, Thoreau’s Walden appreciates nature at a level most people never will – not because people don’t care, but because it isn’t something we think about consciously.

Walden helped me to look at  nature in an even more profound way, with deeper appreciation, with humor, with fascination.  One of my favorite passages was Thoreau describing an ant war in great detail. His writing is readable and yet highly poetical at the same time.  If you love nature or want to develop an appreciation for nature, read this book.  You’ll never look at nature the same way again.

Have you read “Walden”?  What is your favorite book about nature?

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