All Natural Manuka Honey Face Mask

facemaskOne thing I love to do on weekends is take the time to use a mask on my face.  Masks are good for different skin conditions – there are masks for dry skin, problematic skin, oily skin, and so on. My skin is combination – a mixture of more oily areas and drier areas.  In the summer, my skin is more oily and in the winter much drier.

For an nice year-round mask, I like mixing One Love Organics Brand New Day scrub with Manuka honey, which is known for its anti-bacterial and healing properties. Although the OLO scrub can be used as just that, it can also be used as a mask.

In the palm of my hand, I take a small amount of the OLO Brand New Day powder and add 1-2 teaspoons of the honey.  Sometimes I add a few drops of water to get it to a thin enough consistency to spread over my clean skin.  The texture is slightly sticky, but not too bad.  Once on my face, I let it set for at least ten minutes.  The smell is fantastic – Brand New Day contains pineapple fruit extract, and mixed with the honey, it smells like a tropical fruit salad face mask.

This mask works for me to calm my skin and tame down any redness or irritation.  Personally, I’m still undecided on how effective Manuka honey is for actually healing the skin, but regardless, it has definite benefits such as calming and hydrating the skin.  Once I’ve used Manuka enough times, I may be able to determine what I think about its topical healing properties.

What are your favorite facial masks?  Do you have a favorite face mask product, or do you make DIY face masks?

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