My 5 Favorite Uses for Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap


This eco-friendly, all natural product is well-known for having multiple uses.  I thought it would be helpful to mention the ways I like using Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap.  Keep in mind that because this gentle soap can be diluted with water, one bottle can potentially last a long, long time.

1) Diluted with water and essential oil as a bathroom hand soap.  I reuse a foaming soap pump and mix Dr. Bronner’s Baby Mild with some water and essential oil, usually lavender oil, but recently I used Thieves oil for the soap and it smells fantastic for fall, given that it includes clove and cinnamon oil.  I don’t use exact measurements, I just mix up about 1/3 soap to 2/3 water and add a few drops of oil.  This is an incredibly eco-friendly and economical alternative to constantly buying new plastic bottles of hand soap.

2) Diluted with water as an all-purpose cleaner.  I love using the peppermint version mixed with water in a spray bottle and using to wipe down bathroom surfaces.  The smell is very clean and refreshing and does the job. In the kitchen, I enjoy the citrus orange version to clean counter tops, microwave, oven top, and more.

3) Diluted with water to use as a kitchen floor cleaner.  For years, I strictly used only water in a steam mop for my floors.  I didn’t want any chemicals near my daughter when she was crawling on the floor.  Now that she is older, there are more messes on the kitchen floor and often the steam mop isn’t enough.  That’s when I started using Dr. Bronner’s on my kitchen floor – and wow. I am a bit odd and enjoy spraying the kitchen floor in a fine mist of Dr. Bronner’s diluted with water.  After the solution sets for a couple of minutes, I wipe down the floor with a microfiber cloth attached to my steam mop…and the results are fantastic.  It lifts grime and food from my linoleum floor with ease.

4) Cleaning my makeup brushes. Just some water and Dr. Bronner’s, and maybe a couple of drops of tea tree oil in a cup.  I soak my brushes for a few minutes to help loosen the makeup, rinse, and air dry.  Perfectly clean makeup brushes without using harsh detergents!

5) Scrubbing the front porch.  In the spring, our porch steps were thick with dirt and build-up.  I used a firm scrub brush and Dr. Bronner’s and it really helped cut through the mystery grime on the steps.

What is your favorite use for Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap?

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