Bringing Children & Nature Together

pumpkinfarmAlmost all child naturally love to be outdoors among dirt and animals and wide open spaces.  Unfortunately, with the advent of television, the internet, and electronic devices, most children have replaced at least part of their playtime with electronics instead of fresh air.  And that’s a tremendous shame.

I’ll be the first to admit that in the oppressing heat of summer, I try to keep myself and my likewise fair skinned daughter out of the harsh sun during the afternoon.  But when the sun’s rays are weaker – in the morning and in the fall and spring – being outdoors is the best place for a child to be.

We recently went to a pumpkin farm and all the children there were free and happy – they were in their element.  My daughter loved the petting zoo, riding to the field to pick our pumpkins, and playing on the playground.

Take a moment to truly stop and compare the delight of a child who is playing outside to a child playing on an electronic device – it’s not quite the same sort of happiness, is it?

During autumn when the weather is mild is the perfect time to get outside with your children – or even if you don’t have children – try to make it a point to get outside! One of my joys in life is the peace and relaxation I get from being in nature.  Small people and big people alike can find much happiness among fresh air and trees.


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