Trying New Styles of Yoga

myyogamatThis is my much loved yoga mat.  I won’t replace it until I have to, because I’m frugal like that.  For me, mat work is the most rewarding and loved form of exercise I have ever done.  It can be challenging, fun, therapeutic, calming, mindful, and very rewarding.

I was all about Pilates until I had surgery in September and I turned to Yoga in the interim.  I am not new to Yoga, but it had been a while since I’d practiced.  I decided to try something low impact and opted for Yin Yoga, which focuses on long held poses that encourage relaxation.  This was a fantastic form of Yoga for me to practice close to bedtime as it felt good physically, but was also meditative.

I also tried Kripalu and Kundalini, which were new to me as well.  As I understand it, Kripalu, a gentle form of Hatha yoga, focuses on meditation, breath-work, and relaxation.  Kundalini includes breathing, chanting, and meditating.  This is just a very basic explanation of these forms of yoga, and to understand them better, I encourage you to do some reading on the different types of yoga. There are quite a few varieties.  I only scratched the surface of these three forms of yoga, drawn to them because they were described as being on the more gentle, healing, meditative side, which sounded perfect.

Although I enjoyed all three forms, my favorite by far is Yin Yoga.  For me, Yin Yoga has been an amazing discovery, as it not only is good for my body, but it is the most meditative and relaxing mind-body fitness I’ve ever come across.  I find it theraputic to practice Yin Yoga at night, as it is excellent to help unwind from the day and truly meditate while in the poses.  I hope to continue to explore Yin Yoga and understand it more thoroughly.

What forms of yoga do you enjoy the most?

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