Creating A Peaceful Living Space

My home is my sanctuary.  It is the place where I feel comfortable and relaxed.  We have consciously chosen items that create a relaxed, peaceful living space. These are a few of the decorating ideas we’ve used to help our home feel like a haven.


Color – We gravitate toward calming colors found in nature – pale blues, earthy greens, soft browns, and creams.  The fantastic thing about a palette like this is that our entire home just flows so beautifully from one room to the other – from soft gold in the entry, sage green in the living room, sky blue in the dining room, cream in the den – it all just radiates peace through color.




Greenery – Lots of plants are essential for a home that feels calming and zen.  I could surround myself in plants and flowers and never have too many. Not only are they beautiful and soothing, but they help to clean and purify indoor air.   If I were a rich woman, I’d have a conservatory in my home.




Minimal Clutter – We aren’t minimalists…but we do strive towards it in certain ways.  I think clutter in a home is one of the worst blocks to feeling relaxed and peaceful.  We have invested in lots of neutral storage.  This way, the items are stored nicely, but using nice neutral storage makes it more pleasant to look at.




Soft Textures – texture is soothing and natural fabrics and materials are best – a rattan rug, soft throws, gauzy curtains.  Soft is the opposite of hard or harsh.  Soft texture is what you want in your home to help create a peaceful atmosphere.




Natural Light – The more windows, the better.  Let the light it!  Open your curtains and allow natural light into the rooms of your home.  It’s good for your mood.


I’m not a decorator, but I know what feels good.  If you want your home to feel more relaxing, zen, and peaceful, try to pick items that are timeless, neutral, simple.  And you can never have too many plants.

What items help your home feel peaceful?



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