Loving A Makeup-Free Reflection

You. Without makeup, at home or in public.  What kind of feelings come up?  Insecurity, indifference, acceptance, or confidence?

My skin behaves about 90% of the time,  which I’m sure is due to many factors, such as my age, a healthy diet high in fruits and vegetables, lots of water, and a good skincare routine.  Occasionally my skin is a troublemaker, typically from hormones or from products that don’t work for my skin type.

On the rare occasion my skin is in freak-out mode, I feel a bit nervous without makeup – as if people see the red spots on my face and think I’m ugly.  During these times I try to practice self-acceptance and go easy on myself.  I remind myself that with some TLC, my skin will get better.

Pimples aren’t permanent, am I right?

When my skin is in good shape, I can honestly say I feel pretty good going without makeup – around my boyfriend, in public, sometimes even at the office.  If someone says I look pale, I don’t take it as an insult…because I am very fair skinned.  No one has ever told me I look ugly without makeup.  No one has ever treated me any differently without makeup.

So for times I talk about makeup products and how pretty and fun they are, it is also important to be able to walk away from my vanity table and know that I’m OK without  products on my face.  This is me.  This is what I look like.  And I am closer now than ever before to complete acceptance of what I look like.  I hope you can do the same.

And just in case you’re wondering why I didn’t post the requisite no-makeup selfie…well, this isn’t a post about showing readers what my face looks like without makeup (very fair with under eye circles, if you’re interested) – it’s not about me,  it’s about each woman’s acceptance of her own self.  As women, we feel so many pressures to be everything, do everything, and look beautiful at the same time.  And instead of stressing, we should kick back and relax and love ourselves – imperfections and all.  That’s living the truth, and that is a happy, peaceful place to be.

One thought on “Loving A Makeup-Free Reflection

  1. Dream & Scheme says:

    I wrote a similar post about my decision to wear minimal makeup and the unhealthy reliance that many women have with makeup. It becomes a problem when a woman does not feel confident or herself without a painted face.

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