10 Natural Solutions To Ease Anxiety & Stress


This is a time of year when a lot of people deal with stress and anxiety.  The holidays are upon us and many people are trying to make preparations and coordinate schedules.  Others of us might deal with anxiety at different times throughout the year.  These are some all natural tools I personally use to help manage my anxiety.

Essential Oils & Flower Essences– There are so many essential oils and many of them help to ease  anxiety and stress.  Sometimes when I am very anxious, I also get nauseous.  I like to smell peppermint oil when I feel this way, or dab a bit under my nose. Lavender is also a fantastic essential oil for inducing calm.  I also love Lotus Wei’s Infinite Love Mist and their Inner Peace Mist to help me feel more mellow and happy. Balanced Guru’s Full of Love Mist is nice, too.

Bach’s Rescue PastillesThese chewy pastilles are a candy-esque form of their famous liquid Rescue Remedy.  I like to let these slightly sweet gummies slowly dissolve in my mouth when I am feeling tense or stressed.

Lotus Wei Inner Peace Elixir – This elixir is one of my favorite ways to help relieve anxiety.  I put five drops under my tongue and close my eyes, letting the elixir help soothe and calm me.

Self-Help/Spiritual Magazines & Books – I always feel better when I read a positive article or self-help book that puts things in perspective for my over-active mind.  One magazine I recommend is Spirituality & Health.

Herbal Tea – Herbal teas are another fantastic way to help calm down when you are feeling stressed.  My favorites lately have been chamomile, peppermint, and Traditional Medicinals Easy Now tea.

Journal – Sometimes we have thoughts that need to be put down on paper.  Usually, though, I like to re-read uplifting quotes when I feel a bit anxious and worried.  I keep my little red journal full of positive quotes, affirmations, and reminders to myself to not stress.

Sound Healing & Music – Calm music really resonates with me when I am anxious.  I love to hear soothing sounds.  I love listening to the Ambient Music and Zen stations on Pandora. Another excellent and free resource that I often use is YouTube, which has some great quality sound healing videos.  This is a very nice sound healing video.

Staying Busy – Often when we are stressed or upset, we focus on our perceived problem, which doesn’t help.  While focusing on the problem for a few minutes can sometimes help alleviate the nagging worry, I don’t like to obsess for an hour over something.  If I feel that happening, I work on a project, or do a mundane task like laundry or vacuuming.  It really takes helps take my mind from my worries and re-directs my thoughts.

Laughter – It’s true that often laughter is the best medicine.  I always feel better when I watch something that makes me laugh.  Whether it’s a favorite vlogger on YouTube, a comedian, or a sitcom, I love silly, lighthearted laughter when I’m feeling down or anxious.

It’s also important to tune in to your particular personality.  Whereas introverts need time to themselves to re-charge and calm, extroverts generally desire to interact with others.  Depending upon your personality, one of these solutions can help as well.

What natural solutions do you use to help ease your anxiety and stress? Let me know!


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