14 Day Meditation Challenge Journal

This photograph was taken from a page in the book "Yoga: The Essential  Positions" by Jacqueline May Lysycia

This photograph was taken from a page in a book I own titled “Yoga: The Essential Positions” by Jacqueline May Lysycia, Copyright 2012.  This is a lovely book of yoga positions.


This was a challenge posted by the blog No More Dirty Looks, and I decided to really commit myself to it to see if I could reap any benefits from 14 continuous days of meditation.  Read on to see what happened!

Day 1 Monday, November 10  – Set 5mins on phone timer and closed my eyes. I told myself that it was a good time to try to meditate to calm myself. It helped to focus on my breaths in and out, as well as repeating a soothing word in my head. Five minutes was up very quickly. Ten minutes before I started my meditation, I had anxiety so badly that my hands were shaking. I don’t feel totally at ease now, but better.

Day 2 – Just 5 minutes again.  This is after my second night in a row of terrible sleep and anxiety.  I noticed my breathing was deep and relaxed when I meditated today.

Day 6 – I’ve meditated for 7 minutes for the past two days, and I find the time still goes by quickly.  I find myself relaxed.  More and more, I find peace in just focusing on my breath and repeating a mantra in my head.  So far, it has been “I peacefully embrace what is.”  This is a reminder to myself to not resist what is happening in my life, to not judge situations and people, to remind myself that there is peace in me.

Day 8 – This daily practice is starting to feel like a habit already, and I find that I do enjoy the time that I just shut out the world for even a few minutes.  Today I added the mantra, “I am full of love” and I felt a positivity fill me during meditation.

Day 10 – Just to change it up, I tried a guided meditation today.  This is the one I used and I found it to be very relaxing.  Today, my mind was fairly quiet, considering I wasn’t repeating a mantra this time.  I was just listening to the bell and felt so relaxed.

Day 11 – Today I did a 6 minute positive thoughts guided meditation, and it was great.  I know that after I meditate in the mornings, I feel happier and upbeat.  I’m infusing my mind with positivity and calm.  I feel good right now – better than good, I feel a sense of calm and peace within me.  I know that this high will not last permanently, but I feel it’s a place I will be able to return to more easily with a daily meditation habit.

Day 12 – I did an 8 minute guided meditation…I didn’t want it to end.  I feel so good right now.

Day 14 – Today I downloaded several guided meditations and listened to three or four in a row!  They were so relaxing and wonderful, I’m hooked on meditation.  I know as long as I continue this habit, I will continue to see improvements in myself.  The best results so far have been the ability to use meditation to soothe my overactive mind and to aid with anxiety.  In these respects, meditation has been so helpful.  I’d also like to use meditation as a positive way to start my day, full of positive thoughts.  I’m grateful for this challenge because it has given me a kick-start to a very beneficial meditation practice.

Beyond Day 14 – I’ve still been meditating everyday…not because of the challenge, clearly, but because I love the way I feel.


Did you take part in this challenge?  Do you meditate?  Please share your thoughts with me!

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