11 Ways To Make Cold Weather More Bearable

Vintage snow girl, when she was a wee one

Vintage snow girl, when she was a wee one


Do you have the Winter Blues already?  Cold toes, dry skin, or grumpy from less daylight?  These are some of the ways I try to make wintertime a little easier to handle.

1. Wool Socks – I love my wool socks so much this time of year.  They are the only things that actually and truly keep my toes warm.  I want to invest in a few more pairs for wearing with my boots as well.

2. Water & Tea for Hydration – When the cold air moves in, the moisture in my body moves out.  It’s a bummer, but I know that the more fluids I push, the less dry my skin and throat are.

3. Hydrating Body Butter/Oil – This is a must for me, or my skin will itch and crack.  Thin, water-based lotions don’t cut it.  I have to use a product with ingredients like all-natural oils, cocoa butter, and shea butter.  Straight oils like avocado oil and coconut oil work, too, although I’m partial to body butters and oil blends with essential oils that smell nice.  I’ve been loving this body butter lately in the Lemon Orchard scent.

4. Face Balm – Another absolute must-have for me in the winter.  Nothing else can control the dry skin when the cold hits.  If I don’t slather a heavy-duty balm on my face, I get dry patches.  I’m currently using both Stark Grapefruit Balm and One Love Organics Skin Savior Balm.

5. Hydrosols – I’ve just started using face mists and hydrosols this year and I’m already a huge fan.  They are perfect for a quick hit of moisture.  I have several brands of hydrosol with no clear-cut favorite, as they are all very nice.

6. Cold Remedy Cider – I talked about our homemade cold remedy here.  I take it straight, no chaser, when I feel a cold coming on.

7. Quality Honey or Throat Coat – Sore throats are just a typical part of winter.  Even when you aren’t sick per se, a sore throat can happen from dry air.  A spoonful of good honey or a cup of Throat Coat tea are excellent to ease the tightness.

8. All-Natural Lip Balm – Everywhere.  I don’t know how people go without it.  I can’t stand to have dry lips.  Find a balm you love and stock up. I’m partial to Hurraw!  I leave a tube everywhere, so I never have to be without.  Chapped lips suck.

9. Nice Soothing Lamp for Cloudy Days – When it’s cloudy and dark out, I crave light.  Sunlamps are great options, but I recently ordered a Himalayan Salt Lamp that I’m excited to try.

10. Humidifier – This is a must-have for every home, in my opinion.  The air gets so dry in homes and offices when the heat is constantly on.  This can lead to dry sinuses and throats.  Dry air also aggravates a cold or cough.  Moist air from a humidifier is truly a savior in the winter. We have a couple of these as they are affordable, and I’ve had zero issues so far.

11. Good Movies/TV for Snuggling on Cold Nights – This definitely helps make cold nights more bearable, no explanation needed! I prefer comedies (we always watch “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee” – love!).  I love to laugh and I know laughter helps improve my mood and well-being.

What are your favorite ways to make the winter more comfortable?

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