3 Simple Eco-Friendly Home Upgrades



Do you sometimes find yourself looking for a way you can be more “eco-friendly” but you don’t want to overhaul anything in your life?  These are three super simple changes that actually make a positive environmental difference!

Filtered Water PitcherNo more plastic water bottles!  We have a Brita water pitcher very similar to this style, and love it.  Alternately, you could purchase a water filter that mounts directly to your faucet, like this one.

Cloth Napkins (aka Unpaper Towels) – No paper towels! – OK, I do keep a roll of paper towels under the kitchen sink, only to be used for the ickiest of moments (like doggy messes).  Otherwise, we always use cloth napkins for dining, snacks, wiping off tables, and practically anything else you would use a paper napkin or paper towel for.  It saves money, is easy, and frankly cloth napkins are nicer that dining with paper napkins.  My favorite place to buy cloth napkins is Etsy – there are a ton of options.  I prefer Birdseye Cotton as well.

Rechargeable BatteriesAlmost zero battery waste! At this point, 99% of the batteries in use in our home are rechargable.  The only ones that aren’t are those we haven’t replaced yet.  I love rechargeable batteries.  They last such a long time and I don’t ever have to worry about running to the store to get more batteries for anything.  I remember being a teenager with a portable CD player (anyone remember those?!) that took 4 AA batteries – and I was constantly replacing them and trashing the used ones.  Awful.  I’m so glad there are rechargeable batteries.  They are absolutely worth the cost.

What small changes have you made to make a positive environmental difference?






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