Favorite Products: Caroline’s Doggie Sudz

dogshampooNot long after adopting our 7 year old Yorkie last summer, I noticed he was scratching at himself almost constantly.  When I looked at his skin, I was dismayed to see he had scratched his skin raw.  Although I didn’t take him to the vet, I suspect this issue was an allergy that was causing very dry, irritated skin.  I looked around for a natural dog shampoo that was hydrating.  I found Caroline’s Doggie Sudz and haven’t used anything else.

This dog shampoo is thick and concentrated and lathers very well.  The scent we have is Mango & Neem and it smells amazing.  After his bath, our little guy smells so nice, and his coat looks so pretty and healthy.  Within a few weeks of using this, his dry skin completely healed.  I don’t know if this shampoo was the only factor in his skin getting healed, but it definitely helped.

For the price and quality, I really like this dog shampoo. It retails for around $11, which is fine with me considering how long a bottle will last for us.  Our dog has no issues with sensitivity to it and I really like how well it works.  I’ve been using our first bottle for about 5 months and it is still over half way full.  We bathe our dog about 3 times a month.  Most likely, I will repurchase this whenever we run out.

Ingredients: ORGANIC Biodegradable COCONUT Derived Surfactants, OATMEAL, NEEM oil, VITAMIN E, ALOE VERA, WHEAT GERM oil, JOJOBA oil, YUCCA extract, CHAMOMILE & CUCUMBER extract, MANGO essence, and potassium sorbate (preservative). *

* Contains no SLS, SLES, DEA, TEA, Alcohol, Pesticides, Phosphates, Detergents or Dyes.


What natural shampoo do you love for your pets?


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