What a Typical Day of Meals Looks Like for Me

I made it a goal to get healthier last year after letting myself slide a little.  I am at a very comfortable weight and don’t want or need to lose any more, but I do want to maintain my weight.  I don’t actively keep track of my calories the way I did last year, but I still try to keep myself in check.

I’ve learned that I need to let myself have treats here and there because for me, it’s the best way to keep my diet at a level I can maintain.  I don’t eat perfectly and often don’t cook a big dinner during the week.  Yesterday was a day where I was not trying super hard to eat fancy health food or be a perfect eater…I was trying to eat mostly healthy but with a few treats.  This is a snapshot of my meals yesterday – excuse the poor photo quality as they were taken with my tablet!


20150128_083233Breakfast – (9:00 a.m.) sliced organic apple, hemp seeds, protein dip (PB2 powdered peanut butter mixed with Tera’s Whey and a small spoonful of natural peanut butter), coffee with stevia and a splash of organic half & half


20150128_120735Lunch – (12:00 p.m.) tempeh with wilted spinach (no oil/sauces), sliced kiwi, two handfuls of my daughter’s pretzel Goldfish, water

Treat – (1:00 p.m) 1 small square of organic chocolate, cup of Earl Grey tea with stevia

Afternoon Snack – (4:00 p.m.) 5 slices of Tofurky, water


20150128_174802Dinner – (6:00 p.m.) organic baby greens with light all-natural dressing, 1 slice Daiya Mushroom & Roasted Garlic vegan pizza, a small handful of avocado oil potato chips, water

Evening Snack – (8:00 p.m.) one clementine

So there you have it!  Totally random day of food.  I do typically eat fruit and/or vegetables at every meal because I’m a vegetarian, but I also love the taste of fruit and vegetables and how I feel when I eat them.

What is a typical healthy meal for you?


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