Finding Clean & Natural Product Deals: Part 2 – Online Stores

Shopping online for clean and natural products is a great way to access tons of brands as well as read reviews about products you haven’t tried.  I really rely on reading customer feedback for lots of products I’m interested in.  These are some of my favorite websites for getting good deals on clean, natural, and green beauty and home products – I’m sure I’m forgetting some, but these are some of my go-to sites for green shopping, in no particular order:

Abe’s Market has a great selection and often offers discounts and coupons towards certain products or your total purchase.  Free US shipping starts at purchases $29+ right now, and that is fantastic.

Vitacost is a great resource for supplements, vitamins, health foods, as well as some bath and home products. Their free US shipping starts at $49+.  They often have sales on certain brands/products.

iherb is excellent for all-around great prices and fast shipping.  Their free US shipping starts at orders over $20 – amazing!  I usually buy my Hurraw! lip balms and a variety of other nutrition and beauty products from them.  I also get some cleaning supplies from them, like Dr. Bronner’s castile soap.

The Honest Company is another favorite of mine for bath, body, and home/cleaning products.  For about a year I’ve been subscribing to their bundle system (5 products for $35.95, plus the option to add on 3 more products at a 25% discount), which works for me because I can choose how often I receive a package.  I also get free shipping if I order $50 worth of products, which I usually get.  I get a shipment every 2-3 months depending upon when I need to replace items, and haven’t been disappointed in any of their products.  Plus, they have gorgeous packaging and shipping boxes, if you’re into that sort of thing!

Pharmaca was a fantastic find for me.  That have so many awesome brands, really great sales (typically, they have a standing coupon code on their website, which excludes a few brands, but applies to most items).  I’ve bought everything from a Himalayan salt lamp to W3LL People mascara. Free shipping in the US starts at orders $35+.

Integrity Botanicals is an excellent website for beauty and bath products.  They have amazing customer service, periodic sales, and a sample program that lets you choose your own 3 samples with every purchase, which I absolutely love.  They offer free US shipping for orders $50+.

Last but not least – search around for coupon codes on specific products you are looking for!  I always hunt around on the internet to find the absolute best deals.  Sometimes you can get a $10 off code or 20% off for your first purchase or signing up to a mailing list – an easy way to save money.

What are your favorite websites for shopping clean, natural products?


One thought on “Finding Clean & Natural Product Deals: Part 2 – Online Stores

  1. Dream & Scheme says:

    I love shopping at Spirit Beauty Lounge, Vitacost, Integrity Botanicals (the choice of samples is the real feature that attracts me), and Petit Vour which has free shipping with no minimum purchase price. I also adore BeauTeaBar, Seed to Serum, Eco Diva Beauty, and The Detox Market. I also was recently introduced to Let Vert Beauty.

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