On Finding An Outlet Through Art

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As a child, artistic expression was an inherent part of who I was, and I embraced it.  I nourished the creative being in me who desperately needed creative expression and catharsis.

Then, somewhere along the way (probably around the time I started working full-time and attending college full-time), I nearly abandoned the creative person I’d always been.  I’d enjoyed a childhood full of reading, writing, poetry, painting, scrapbooking, and had loved it.

With my 20’s behind me, I can see that I let college and having a baby take away all my attention from “frivolous things” such as artistic expressions.  Now I see that it was a mistake. Self-expression through art is powerful on many levels.  It can be purely for fun, or it can be vital to helping a person work through pain.  It can be a passion or a hobby.  But whatever it is, creative expression is a normal and (in my opinion) necessary part of being human.

In the past few years, I’ve had a renewed yearning for some way to express myself artistically.  First, about 6 years ago, I started designing patterns and hand-making play felt food for my daughter, and even sold my work to some friends.

I handmade Halloween costumes for her as well, like the year she was Rapunzel (that wig was a doozy…)



Then a couple of years ago I started creating over-the-top cupcakes…like Neopolitan cupcakes – vanilla cake with chocolate chunks, filled with strawberry jam, topped with strawberry/vanilla buttercream and a chocolate heart….NeopolitanThen after three months, I decided that I’d had enough sugar and went on to my next creative outlet, and the next…

A few months ago, I started hunting for new ways to express myself.  These are my current creative outlets:

My blog – this blog is an artistic outlet, as it gives me the ability to talk about one of my biggest passions – living a life that is eco-friendly, holistic, natural, and simple.  I love sharing and hope to grow my blog into a great one.

Adult coloring books – I was browsing on Amazon one day last year and stumbled upon some really neat coloring books aimed at adults.  There are coloring books for all different interests, from fashion, to architecture, to mythology, and more.  This coloring book is one example.  The one I own is also from this company.

Mandalas – another coloring book I have is one that is called Tibetan Mandalas and is written by Tatjana Blau (pictured at the top of this post).  It’s a lovely coloring book with quotes on each mandala page.

Random hands-on activities – I’ve recently started pressing my mineral eyeshadows, and something about it is soothing and meditative.  I’ve really enjoyed doing something hands-on.  I plan on writing a post about my eyeshadows and pressing them in the near future.

Studying new interests – when something strikes my fancy, I will read about the subject for hours sometimes.

Finally, I also purchased a good quality art journal that I can doodle in whenever the mood strikes.  Sometimes mindlessly doodling and sketching can be quiet relaxing and fun.

What are your favorite forms of self-expression and artistic release?

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