Side-by-Side Mascara Comparision: W3LL People & Lily Lolo

mascaratubesMascara is one of my favorite makeup items.  I love the way it makes a woman look brighter, more awake, and sexier.  Mascara was also one of the very last items of which I used a non-natural version…the thought of a bad mascara made me cringe.  However, the quality of clean, non-toxic beauty items has made absolute leaps and bounds in the past several years….yay!  Now, there are actually options.  For the past 8 years or so I have used clean, all-natural makeup…but I’ve only used clean mascara for the past year or two.  That is a testament to how much I was clinging to my favorite non-natural mascaras.

Then when I found W3LL People mascara last year, I was so happy I could’ve danced around my room.  I don’t exaggerate when I say that it easily replaces the chemical laden mascaras of my past.  See my original review here.

Now enter Lily Lolo’s new mascara, a much hyped product that was included in the February Petit Vour box.  Immediately, I was curious how it would compare to the W3LL People mascara.

To truly see in real-time how they compare, I used the W3LL People on one eye and the Lily Lolo on the other.  Please excuse the photo quality, I wanted to get a shot of my eyes before I forgot and the lighting and angle weren’t the best.  Hopefully this is sufficient for comparing the mascaras. A better camera is hopefully in my future!


Left: W3LL People Mascara; Right: Lily Lolo Mascara.  I’m wearing two coats of each.

The formula of the Lily Lolo seems drier and thicker to me than W3LL People’s.  And as far as the brush goes, I vastly prefer the W3LL People, as it seems to coat my lashes really well and seperate them at the same time.  Every time I use my Lily Lolo, I have clumping issues, but never have experienced this with the W3LL People.  You can actually see some of the clumping in the photo.  You can really get a good look at them both if you click on the photo to enlarge it. Also, I feel that I get more of a spidery-look with Lily Lolo.  As far as wear, they both are very comparable, with no flaking at all and little to no smudging.

This is not to say that I dislike the Lily Lolo mascara.  It wears well and does give volume and might be spectacular for someone else.  However, for me, W3LL People still takes the non-toxic cake.

Have you used either or both of these mascaras? Which do you prefer? Do you have another brand of clean mascara that you love? Let me know!

3 thoughts on “Side-by-Side Mascara Comparision: W3LL People & Lily Lolo

  1. shortsmallsweet says:

    So glad to see you compare these 2 mascaras! I don’t have W3LL PEOPLE but had the chance to try it when Shirley Pinkson made an appearance at Follain in Boston. I love love love her mascara and will definitely purchase it after I’m done with my current ones. I feel the same about Lily Lolo’s – in fact, I feel like the only person who doesn’t like it because it’s so clumpy and flakes so much on me! I’m thinking I got a bad batch coz mine was very wet to begin with, and I heard from most reviews that theirs were dry when they opened it. xo

    • Brianna says:

      I feel the same! Everyone has been singing the praises of the LL mascara, but it really doesn ‘t work for me at all. I have actually wondered if I got a bad tube because it just seems so dry, clumpy, and difficult to work with.

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