Favorite Products (Children): The Honest Company Haircare



These are the only products I’ve used on my young daughter’s hair in almost a year – The Honest Company Shampoo, Conditioner, and leave-in Conditioning Detangler.

I admit I was and always am a bit skeptical about any celebrity endorsed product or brand.  It isn’t that they don’t have the potential to be stellar products, but I am just a bit jaded and suspicious of this materialistic, money-driven economy in which we live.

My introduction to The Honest Company, which actress Jessica Alba co-founded, was one day in a book store when I saw a copy of her book “The Honest Life”. I was surprised to see that she was a “non-toxic” mom who is very particular about what kinds of products and foods to which her children are exposed. I read the book, delighted by most of what I read, but still wondering if her company was just a bunch of greenwashing.  I really dislike greenwashing, because it feels like being told a lie.

So I hopped over the her brand’s website and checked out a few of the products.  Then I looked up some of those products on the EWG’s Skindeep Database to see just how non-toxic these products were.  And you know what?  The products on the database rate pretty darn well.  The shampoo is rated a very low 1, and the conditioner and detangler rate a respectable 2.

Once I was satisfied with the ingredients and the price, I placed an order.  I had low expectations.  Here again, I was happily blown away.  My daughter’s hair is very fine and curly.  It gets frizzy and tangled easily.  This trio of hair care products make her hair look gorgeous.  Seriously – her hair is bouncy, conditioned, and her blonde curls are springy and beautiful.

As far as the scent, it is naturally scented with orange and tangerine oils and vanilla fruit extract.  It smells exactly like a oranges and cream (or a creamsicle but in a very wholesome way). I absolutely love these products and make sure I always have them on hand. I have used them on my hair, but admittedly not in a while as I like trying different brands.

Bottom line, these products are fantastic.  The efficacy, scent, and price are all spot-on.  In fact, I’ve been pretty happy with all the products I’ve ever purchased from The Honest Company.

Have you ever tried these products?  What do you use for your children’s bath?


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