So Random: My New Interests & Loves

crystalsThese are a few random items and activities that I’ve been interested in and loving lately.  Some of these I plan on posting more in-depth reviews of in the future.

Healing Crystals – When I was younger, I was fascinated and in love with stones of all shapes, sizes, and colors.  I think children are so much more in-tune with their sixth sense and the unseen forces in the world.  As adults, many times we let that part of ourselves vanish.  But now I’m starting to think I was right about the allure of crystals!  I’ve recently purchased a chakra cleansing crystal set from an Etsy seller and also set out a bowl of crystals on my nightstand.  I also have read a couple of crystal books (such as The Crystal Bible) and am looking forward to reading more and exploring the power of individual crystals and their healing abilities.

Plum Paper Family Planner – A couple of months ago, I started seeing a lot of videos on YouTube of women gushing over planners.  I rolled my eyes…and then I started thinking about all the scattered lists I kept, the Post-It notes everywhere, and the fact that I kept two calendars.   And then it started to sound more appealing to use a planner.  After some research, I ordered a Plum Paper family planner and have been using it for about three weeks so far.  I plan on doing a review in the future, but so far it is really helpful to have all my important dates and info in one place!

Silk Naturals – I’d heard about this brand for a while before I was motivated to order from them, and I’m so glad I did!  Their eye shadows and blushes have an amazing shade range and are so affordable.  I will post a review with swatches very soon!

ASMR Videos – I had no idea what ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is until I read this NMDL post.  I’ve always experienced “triggers” but didn’t know there was any explanation for it, and assumed maybe it was just me.  How wrong I was!  Now I’ve been listening to ASMR videos almost daily.  My favorites are Olivia and Gentle Whispering.  Their videos greatly help with my anxiety and truly relax me.  I cannot get enough.

Ballet Beautiful – I’m not sure how I stumbled upon Mary Helen Bowers, but I’m glad I did.  I was looking for a new workout to mix into my Pilates routine, and Ballet Beautiful is perfect for me.  It is still mat work, which I love, but it works my body in a different way.  I love that she has streaming videos that you can purchase from her website that vary in length.  The reality for me is that quick workouts are a necessity.  She also has a store with items like satin ballet street shoes that my inner-ballerina would love to own…if I were a rich woman.

Morganite Ring – Several years ago, I came across a photo of a gorgeous ring.  It was a cushion cut pale pink gem called Morganite, and it was surrounded by a halo of diamonds on a diamond eternity band.  Fast forward nearly five years later, and I have my own Morganite engagement ring just like the one I saw.  I’ve had it for a few weeks now and I love it!  I actually ordered it from Etsy (I ordered it because I got to pick it out myself, yay!).  Ordering an engagement ring from Etsy isn’t for the faint hearted, I will admit.  However, I’ve already been married once in the past and I wasn’t afraid to do something different this time.  I really did my research on sellers and took my time, which I think made a huge difference in my satisfaction.  The seller I chose to purchase from was fantastic and is a trained goldsmith with excellent feedback.  I loved supporting a small female-owned business.

Child Crafts – A few weeks ago, I put together a craft kit full of papers, art supplies, glue, scissors, beads, and lots of other fun items for my daughter.  I also purchased some craft items from Michael’s.  This was one part of an effort to create fun child activities that don’t involve electronics.  A post about this in the near future!

 What have you been loving lately?  Let me know in the comments!

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