Silk Naturals Eyeshadows – Pressed & Swatched!


Top row L-R: Crumpet, Nobel, Kensington, Steeped, Manor, Duchess; Bottom row L-R: First Kiss, Blanket Fort, Homecoming Queen, Saddle Up, Mink, Virtual

My clean eyeshadow history is a short story.  I started using clean non-toxic cosmetics about 8 years ago, and I had a very simple makeup routine at the time.  I had maybe three eyeshadows and they were loose mineral shadows.  I loved them, but they were so messy (I’m clumsy…like, really clumsy) and I would always deal with fallout.

Desperate for pressed shadows, I bought a Tarte pressed eyeshadow palette.  Tarte is not my first pick for cosmetics, as they are not that clean.  However, I used the palette for a while, but wasn’t happy about it.

I started reading a lot about Silk Naturals selection of eye shadows and one day I finally checked out their website…I was a kid in a candy store.  The selection of colors and finishes is amazing for natural mineral eye shadows.  And at just over $4 per eye shadow, I was able to pick up several shades.

One of the things I purchased was their Bare Necessities Matte 2 Palette, which is supposed to be a clean dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics Palette.  I’ve never used UD before, so I truly can’t compare them, however, I love the Silk Naturals Matte 2 Palette and use it almost every day.

In the photos below, you can see swatches of all 6 shades in the SN Matte 2 Palette.  I have pressed them all, but it did not seem to change the pigmentation.

  • Crumpet is a nice, neutral slightly shimmery highlight that is good for the inner eye.
  • Nobel is a soft nude brown with a bit of pink, a beautiful all-over lid base color.
  • Kensington is a slightly cool-toned soft brown with a hint of gray, also a beautiful lid color.
  • Steeped is a basic taupe brown that I like to use in the crease.
  • Manor is a warmer-toned version of Steeped that I also use in my crease.
  • Duchess is a deep brown that I use on my upper lash line.

Mattes with flash


Mattes in natural light














I also have some other eye shadows from SN that I also pressed.  These are equally gorgeous and so versatile!

  • First Kiss is a nice soft matte pinkish tan.
  • Blanket Fort is a very wearable, light tan shimmer.
  • Homecoming Queen is one of my absolute favorites.  It is a gorgeous shimmery-pearl soft gold highlight.  If I recommended one shade, it would be this one.  Stunning.
  • Saddle Up is a medium golden brown that leans more pearly than shimmery.
  • Mink might be my second favorite shade that I own from SN.  It’s a beautiful slightly shimmery brown with plum tones.
  • Virtual is a fun, shimmery mauve brown with plum and pink tones.

In natural light

With flash













As far as pressing my shadows, I learned from reading blog posts such as Ru’s post on Short Small & Sweet and watching Oxana’s YouTube video.  For me it was fairly easy and really fun to press my shadows.  And I love them so much more because they are less messy and so easy to access, as opposed to opening all those little jars.

Have you pressed mineral eye shadows?  Do you have any Silk Naturals shadows or other natural shadows that you love?  Tell me in the comments!


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  1. Dream & Scheme says:

    I’ve actually been planning on getting the Silk Naturals Bare Necessities Palette 2 next time I go on a haul. I love how varied and expansive their range is all while being affordable. Homecoming Queen and Mink look beautiful as well.

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