Love & The Importance of Communication

pink flower

A relationship is somewhat like growing a flower….if you don’t tend it and give it the things it needs, it will wilt and eventually die.  So remember to nurture your relationships!

What follows are a few brief thoughts on communication with a significant other.  I work on communicating better all the time!  I am also learning the importance of letting go of the little things that don’t really matter.

Communication can make or break a relationship.  When I was younger, I forced most of my feelings down, too uncomfortable to broach sensitive subjects with significant others.  Sometimes, the mere thought of bringing up an uncomfortable subject brought about anxiety, depression, or paranoia.  I’ve learned that over time, stuffing feelings only creates suffering.  Although I still have to work at communicating, being honest, and tackling different subjects, I deal with things so much better now that I did a decade ago when I was in my first marriage.

One of the big turning points for me in communicating openly in my current relationship is that he, too, is open and honest with me.  He has helped me to accept that things need to be discussed and brought to the surface, even when I don’t want to deal with things.  In turn, there are other subjects I’ve helped him address.  We have encouraged each other in different ways, and we are pretty supportive, too.

What I’ve learned about being honest and open and working on our communication, is that sometimes it can be uncomfortable to discuss things, but at the end of the day, we both always feel better about having dealt with it.  Compare it to a difficult exam you don’t want to take.  You don’t want to think about it or take the test…but after you do, there is always a huge sense of relief and accomplishment.  And an intangible inner peace.



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