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My relationship with the Gressa Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation has been a roller coaster.  I purchased from the Gressa website in January; little did I know that I was buying this product at the worst time of year, and thus began the roller coaster ride.

I was super excited to receive this product.  I don’t use foundation very often as my skin is typically in pretty good shape.  However, I was sucked in by the fact that this product has some great all-natural skincare ingredients (which are listed at the bottom of this post) and had received countless glowing reviews.  I took a leap of faith and ordered the lightest shade 01 – which is described by Gressa as a “warm porcelain – pale shade with subtle yellows”.


Shade 01 heavily swatched on my hand – you can see that it is nicely pigmented.


Impatient person that I am, I swatched this for the first time on top of other makeup, on wintery dry skin, at the end of a long day at work.  It was a disaster.  It didn’t blend into my skin and created a very unsightly dry patch on my face. The texture and color, I believed, were all wrong.  That very night I logged on to the Gressa website to request a refund, convinced that this was not the product for me.

A couple of days later, I decided that it was a rash decision to return it without giving it a fair chance.  So on freshly moisturized skin, I applied it all over my face with my fingers.  The result wasn’t excellent, but it was much better.  However, within an hour, my face was a hot mess of dry, itchy patches.

I attempted a few more times to use this during the winter, each time with unfortunate results.  No matter how much oil, face balm, or hydrosol I used, my face became itchy and dry.  In fact, the dry patches were noticeable.

As a very positive aside, Svetlana, the owner of Gressa, personally emailed me in response to my email about a refund or exchange.  Then when I didn’t reply to her within a few days, she sweetly checked in on me again – now THAT is amazing customer service.  Obviously, I told her I had changed my mind and was keeping the foundation.

As we have transitioned into spring, I’ve been experimenting with this foundation again.  And the results thus far?  This product – for me – is terrible in winter, and seems to be much better for warmer weather.  It is black and white – there is no gray area with this product for me.



Wearing Gressa Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation in shade 01 – No filter, no editing, taken in natural light after about 5 hours of wear.


When I have applied this during warmer days, it looks really good.  There is an airbrushed finish to my skin, which looks better in real life than in my photo.  I will admit that the color 01 is just a bit too light for me, but as I’m pretty sure the others would be too dark, this was my best option.

Something else I have discovered is that I vastly prefer to apply this foundation with a brush, as opposed to my fingers.  Lately, I have been applying a few drops on the back of my hand, adding a drop or two of argan oil or sunscreen lotion, blending them together, and applying with the Real Techniques Stippling Brush. When well blended, I really like the result.  I feel like this foundation would be excellent for summer.

I’m disappointed that I was introduced to this product at a time when my skin was being a real bitch.  My bottle is also getting very low, so I don’t think it will even last me until summer, and I’m not certain whether or not I will repurchase. It’s not a lackluster foundation by any means, it just doesn’t seem to be well suited for dry skin or winter…and maybe just not my ideal foundation in general.

What are your experiences with Gressa and/or the Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation?  Do you have another clean, non-toxic foundation that you recommend?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments!


The fantastic ingredients in the Gressa Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation are:

*Brassica oleracea (Broccoli) Seed Oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Silica, GRESSA Healing ComplexTM *Silymarin, *Neem (Azadirachta indica) Extract,*Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) Extract, *Lemon Balm (Melissa officianalis) Extract, *Barberry (Berberis vulgaris) Extract, *Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) Seed Extract, *Elder Flower (Sambucus nigra) Extract, *Bitter Melon (Momordica charantia) Extract, Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate Non-GMO, Coenzyme Q10, Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, (Vitamin C), *lecithin, *glycerin, mica, iron oxides, titanium oxide. *CERTIFIED ORGANIC

2 thoughts on “Product Review: Gressa Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation

  1. Dream & Scheme says:

    I have heard so many rave reviews for this foundation. The price and color matching issue have been my main gripes with this product and the reason I haven’t tried it it yet, though I really ought to soon.

    • Brianna says:

      Yes – I was desperate to try it…and it just did not work for me at all. Bummer, but honestly I’m a bigger fan of just using a tinted sunscreen with concealer as needed. But maybe the Gressa would work for you! Especially if you have very oily skin.

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