On Letting Go

letgoIn one of my favorite self-help/spiritual books, there is a parable of a peaceful man.  Whenever anything happens to him – be it “good” or “bad” or “unfair”, he keeps the same calm demeanor and accepts it with peace.

Life is both simple and complicated depending on how you perceive it.  My mind has worried itself to pieces nearly my whole life.  It is not something I would wish on anyone.  Something I’ve heard and read many times in the past recently struck me a bit more deeply…

Let go

Let go of worry, fear, anxiety, hurts, perfectionism, vanity, negativity, jealousy, disappointments, and perhaps most to-the-point, let go of trying to control life and the people in it.  “Let go, or poison you mind and body” some higher force seems to be telling me.

For me, “letting go” is harder than college, harder than raising a child, harder than anything, because it forces me to ‘rock the boat’ that sails on the sea of my mind.

Letting go is telling your ego to change the way it has operated for years, if not a lifetime. However, I’m coming to a point in my own life where I feel that if I do not learn to truly “let go”, I will destroy my happiness and peace, not to mention my mind and health.

Letting go isn’t about accepting mistreatment, abuse, “taking it lying down”, or being a doormat.  It isn’t about accepting what hurts you, it isn’t about taking whatever someone throws at you.

Letting go IS about accepting what is – or, in other words, making peace with what you cannot have control over. We have no control over the past, nor the future, nor other people.  This is what we should “let go” of.  Fear creates anxiety, while letting go of the fear releases anxiety.

Letting go is the path to peace and freedom.  I see the path before me, and am making every effort to embrace it and walk it with courage.

When a bird lets go of the branches of the tree, it embraces the unknown of the open sky without fear.  I want to be the bird.

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