My Aversion To Social Media

Notice how I don’t have links to social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?  That’s because I don’t have any.  The only one I’ve ever used is Facebook, and I completely abandoned Facebook about 3 years ago.

What was it that made me walk away from probably the most popular and universal form of communication?  It was the way I felt when I was on Facebook.

I remember starting my Facebook page when I was in college.  It was like a drug.  I wanted to log on all the time, I thought about it when I wasn’t on, and I was always wondering if I would “miss” something good or interesting.  Eventually the “love affair” died down and I was probably a typical Facebook user for a few years.  But…

I couldn’t help but notice that 95% of what I was reading fell into one of three categories:

  1. useless and/or uninteresting information that had no relevance to my life
  2. negativity/complaining/drama
  3. narcissism/bragging/gratuitous attention seeking

Precious little on my feed fell outside those parameters.  And yet I was spending a decent amount of leisure time scrolling and scrolling and scrolling.  And I thought, “Why?”  I didn’t feel better or happier or more fulfilled after logging on to Facebook. I didn’t connect with people in a better way.  I am not interested in Twitter at all, and in fact can’t truly understand the appeal of it.  Instagram seems a bit intriguing because I enjoy looking at pictures, but I have not started an account.

I know a lot of people use social media to connect…but for me, it would be forced.  I only want to do something that comes genuinely. I have been able to find everything I need and want, without social media.  I still find out about family members and pertinent happenings.

The drawback is that, as someone with a blog, I’m missing a lot of potential traffic to my blog because I do not take part in social media.  But I am OK with this.  I started my blog as a personal creative outlet.  My secondary reason for my blog is to talk about my experiences with living an eco-friendly, all-natural lifestyle.

There may come a time in the future that social media may be integrated into my website – I have definitely learned to “never say never” – but for now, I am keeping it simple and not using social media, personally or for my blog.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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