Mini Review of ANFGB Goodebox #2

anfgbgoodeboxIf you aren’t familiar with A Night For Green Beauty, read about it and the August 2015 event here.  To coincide with the ANFGB event, organizers partnered with Goodebox and released 5 limited edition boxes filled with products from companies that will be at the event.  When I saw the offerings in Box #2, I jumped on it!  I paid $145 total for everything that I received, and that included shipping.  Considering that the retail value of the package was $310, I think it’s a fantastic deal, not to mention the proceeds went to support this charity. Read on for my impressions so far on these fantastic products!

Osmia Organics Luz Enzyme Facial Soap (retail value $24) – When I think of facial bar soap, I think of my skin feeling dry and tight afterwards, which is not pleasant.  However, Luz is not your typical bar soap.  The scent is pleasant and complex, it lathers beautifully, and feels completely luxurious on my skin.  I think this would be a fabulous soap for dry, sensitive winter skin.  Want proof?  I always have to immediately use toner and oil on my face after I wash it, no matter what I use, because my face will start to feel dry.  However, after I use Luz to wash my face, I often forget that I haven’t put any oil or serum on my face because my skin is so hydrated and soft.  I’m completely sold on this.  The bar is petite for the price, but the ingredients and efficacy help to justify the price tag.

Strange Invisible Perfumes Body Wash in Lemon & Neroli (retail value $45) – This is probably my least favorite product from the box.  I’m not a big fan of body wash in general, as I prefer bar soap for washing my body.  Additionally, the scent is just OK to me – and for a body wash that retails for a staggering $45, I would have to seriously love it to justify that price.  The ingredients are top notch, to be sure, and it lathers beautifully.  I would absolutely LOVE to sample their perfumes…but I’m just “meh” about this body wash.  Let me end by saying that I will definitely use it up, though!

Josh Rosebrook Lift (retail value $22) – As soon as I heard about this relatively new product, I was thinking, “I must have it” because I have super fine, thin hair that has no body or volume the day I wash it.  There are a few things about this spray – the spray nozzle is great and delivers a fine mist; the scent is subtle but nice; the product doesn’t feel tacky or sticky at all…and does it give lift?  Yes, it does!  It isn’t va-va-voom, at least not for me, but it definitely gives me more body that I have on my own.  This product is absolutely a “win”.

Graydon Hand and Foot Relief Cream (retail value $18) – This was one of the products I glanced over when I got my package.  Another hand cream? I wasn’t too excited about it.  However, after the first use, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this.  It sounds like an oxymoron to say something is very lightweight but very hydrating – but somehow that is what this cream delivers.  I cannot wait to use this in the fall and winter on my notoriously dry skin.  Lastly, I am in love with the packaging.  A sleek tube with black label and a fantastic pump make this a joy to use.

Axiology Lipstick in Worth (retail value $26) – I knew I would receive either the shade Worth (bright red with coral and orange tones) or The Goodness (light pink creamy matte with light glimmer) and I was really hoping I’d get The Goodness.  So, naturally, I received Worth.  When I rolled up the tube, my heart sank a bit.  I’m quite fair and the strong orange red just looked disastrous.  I learned that I cannot apply this heavily nor on dry lips.  I have to apply balm first, then a sheer layer of Worth.  The result?  Amazingly beautiful orange-red lips that will be perfect for fall.  I don’t own any lipsticks like this shade and so I’ve made peace with getting Worth and expect to use this a lot during autumn.  The packaging is first a recycled paper tube which houses the lipstick tube itself. The lipstick is in a gorgeous sleek gold metal tube that has a unique pop-up mechanism that helps to avoid both the top coming off or the lipstick getting smooshed up into the top of the lipstick tube (lovely description, eh?).  The formula is fantastic, absolutely every bit as good as something like Ilia.

Cocovit Coconut Oil (retail value $25) – I’ll start by saying I haven’t had a chance to use this product in all the ways I want to – yet.  I did learn that it cannot be kept in my bathroom in the summer, because I opened it one day and liquid coconut oil spilled all over my bathroom sink – and you better believe I scrapped every bit I could back into the jar.  After that, I put it on my vanity where it won’t melt.  I’ve used this to shave, which was fantastic for my legs, but not so fantastic for my gummed-up razor.  I might experiment with oil-pulling with this, but I’m on the fence about that one.  I do plan on using it as a deep treatment for my hair one day very soon.  And I definitely plan on taking some of the suggestions for use from the Cocovit website.  Come winter, there is a good chance I will also use it on my face, since I get very dry skin and my skin seems to do very well with coconut oil.  This product is fantastic because it is so versatile.

True Nature Botanicals Pacific Night Serum with Retinol (retail value $150) – This was the star in the night sky for me, the product that pushed me over the edge to say, “Yep, gonna buy this box.”  I wanted to try this several months ago when I first heard about it, but could not stomach that $150 price tag, especially when I had never even sampled it.  This was my opportunity to get an amazing deal on it, so I jumped for it.  Safe, gentle retinol in an all-natural serum?  Yes, yes, yes!  And though I’ve only been using this 3-4 times a week for about 3 weeks, I’m already a huge fan of this lightweight serum. I use one pump after I apply my regular face oil/serum at night.  I will only know over time what difference it really makes, and in addition, I don’t have any wrinkles at all yet, so I won’t see any difference there.  I wanted this mainly as a “preventative maintenance” type of product.  I won’t lie – I want to age very well and I’d love to keep any wrinkles to a minimum.  I plan on reviewing again once I’ve used the entire bottle.  But so far, I love this product.

 Have you tried any of these products?  Are any of them on your wish list?

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