My Splurge vs. Save for Non-Toxic Skincare & Makeup



Making the decision to clean up your skincare and makeup products is a fantastic one, but it sometimes doesn’t come cheap.  Many products, though they are absolutely fantastic, can easily break the bank.

I have to make decisions all the time about what I can justify spending on my skincare and makeup products.  I’ve learned that there are products I will usually splurge on and products I like to save on.  These are my personal preferences where to save money and where to spend it.


Face Serum – The products that absorb into my skin are the ones that I want to be truly natural and pure.  Face oils and serums sit on my skin all day and night, and I want them to be of a high quality as long as I can afford it.  Also, I feel that usually, the higher quality face oils, while often more expensive, are the most effective.

Eye Serum – Eye serum/balm/oil falls into the same line of thinking as face serum – if a product is sitting on my skin for hours, and it is targeting the health of my skin, I want the product to be high quality.

Face Masks – In the past, I never had a face mask that I felt made a real difference, however, one in particular is the Mahalo Skincare Pele Mask, which I would say is the most effective face mask I’ve ever used.  While it is certainly not inexpensive, with its retail price running $64 (or $44 for a refill), this mask is top-notch quality.  I actually scored mine for an unbelievable $29 when I signed up for a Beauty Heroes subscription box. I truly feel that using this mask once a week on my skin has helped improve the overall clearness and brightness of my skin.

Lipstick – Because we all ingest a little bit of our lipstick by the sheer fact that it is on our mouth, I like to use good quality lipsticks like Ilia, Axiology, and Bite.  Some brands are quite expensive – one being Nudus at $34 a tube retail.  Ilia is slightly more affordable at $26 a tube, but I have bought all of mine with coupon codes and sales.

Dental Care – Taking care of my teeth is a top priority.  As soon as I use up my stash of toothpastes, I plan on investing in Living Libations dental products.  Though they are pricey, this is an area I feel comfortable spending more money on.  I want to have my teeth for the rest of my life, after all!



Facial Cleanser – I want a natural, good quality face cleanser, but it doesn’t need to be over $20 or so to do the job.  My current favorite bargain face cleanser is the Indigo Wild Zum Facial Cleanser which I can pick up for around $10 for 4 ounces.  I use it to remove my makeup, and it does the job just fine.

Face Toner – In the summer, this is definitely a “save” category; in the winter, I might be willing to spend slightly more because I need something super hydrating.  Still, I’m never going to spend more than $20 or $25 for face toner at this point in my life.

Blush & Eyeshadow – These are fun categories as they aren’t skincare by any means. While I still like more natural makeup products, I personally cannot justify high price tags for these items.  I paid about $6 or less for all of my blushes and eye shadows, primarily from brands like Silk Naturals, Tarte, and Jane Iredale.  Additionally, I always buy during sales to save even more.

Body Oil – I use body oils and butters primarily after showers and most specifically in the fall and winter.  Maybe I’m low maintenence, but this is a category where a $5 or $10 bottle of oil or body butter suits me just fine.

Soap – I don’t like buying fancy body washes because I want to avoid the negative environmental impact of the huge plastic bottles.  Bar soap typically uses minimal packaging and frankly, I just like bar soap better.  I can often score great deals on all-natural bar soaps that work just fine. Not to mention there are some really fantastic artisanal natural soaps out there if you want something a bit “fancier”.

Haircare – My reason for saving on haircare is that your hair will be in infinitely better condition if you treat it gently – minimal color processing, limited amount of exposure to heat (sun, hair dryer, flat iron), and limited exposure to pool water.  Trimming the dead ends regularly also is necessary.  These steps have drastically improved the condition of my hair so that I don’t have any need to buy expensive hair care products.  If you abuse your hair, you may need more high-end products, however.  I buy clean hair care products, however, they are very affordable.

When it comes to skincare and makeup, what products do you splurge on?  What products to you like to save on?

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