The Joy of Rescue Dogs


Our two rescue dogs are both Yorkies. We had our now 8 year old male Yorkie for a year when we decided he needed a friend to keep him company during times we are both at work. Enter rescue pup #2, a 6 year old female Yorkie we adopted this past summer.

I will never forget when we both saw our little guy’s picture on Pet Finder.  Something about his timid and scared look touched our hearts and we knew we wanted to adopt him.  I admit I had to adjust to having a little dog in the house after years without a pet, but we fell in love with him.  He is such a smart, affectionate, cuddly, protective little guy.  There is not a day that goes by that we don’t smile, laugh, and cuddle with him.

Our girl came into our lives when we decided that we wanted our boy to have a friend and playmate while we were gone from home at work.  We introduced them in a neutral place and our guy seemed a bit indifferent to her.  However, they get along well enough now.

You can tell from her picture that the girl is shy.  She can be nervous and apprehensive, sometimes even with us, even though we adopted her over two months ago.  We were told she was used to breed puppies and spent most of her time in a crate of some sort.  She is a happy little dog now and very, very sweet.  She loves to be cuddled and is so playful.

I know there are many people who want to have a dog from the puppy stage, or want to adopt a dog “with papers” or have their heart set on a trendy dog breed.  Hey, I’m not judging.  But keep in mind, rescue dogs bring a special joy to not only the rescued animal, but to you.  To know you are giving a dog a good home is quite rewarding.  The dog will be overjoyed to have a forever home where they are loved and treated well.

We knew we wanted small dogs that shed very little, and we were able to find the dogs that worked perfectly for us.  Yorkies are small lap dogs that are hypoallergenic and almost don’t shed their hair at all.  The great thing about a site like Pet Finder is that you can specifically look for particular genders, breeds, dog size, and more.  It’s actually a lot of fun to see the pictures and read the stories of the different animals available for adoption.

My family wouldn’t trade our two little rescue dogs for anything.  Sure, they were full grown adults and we missed the puppy stage, but that’s totally OK with us.  We are focused on making the rest of their years happy and full of love.

Have you ever adopted a pet?  What was your experience like?

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