Thoughts on Living Life for What Really Matters


My husband and I – Photo Credit

I looked inward recently and realized I’ve been too absorbed in material things – primarily beauty products.  I love lipstick, but it ISN’T life, you know?  It never will be.  People and experiences and peace…they are things of life.  I’ve been spending too much money on things the past few months, again, mostly beauty products.  When I step back, I realize – I don’t need these things.  I need very simple things.

This is a simple list of non-things that are very important to me.

Dates with my husband at least twice a month – something as significant as a concert or going to the city, or as simple as dinner alone at a romantic cafe.

Giving my child at least a few minutes of my undivided attention – This lets her know I hear her – I am listening to what she is saying.  And then I give feedback or respond to her.

Giving my child proper discipline – My child needs to know I love her, but she needs to learn discipline and right from wrong.  I try to always practice “follow through” – if I tell her something will happen if she does or doesn’t do X or Y, then I follow through with the consequence.  I hope this helps her learn valuable lessons.

Making time for myself an absolute priority – I don’t want my well to run dry – when I feel like it’s getting low, I get cranky and irritable, which isn’t fair to me or anyone else! Examples of things that I enjoy just for myself are reading, watching YouTube videos, doing my nails, taking walks, and even naps!

Finding zen  in thankless tasks – I could let myself get irritated due to the dozens of menial but necessary tasks that I do daily. They are tasks that often go completely unnoticed and unappreciated.  Putting laundry away, taking care of the dogs, cleaning up small messes, making dinner, washing dishes – you get the idea.  However, I like being useful and having the strength and health to take care of my home and family.  Also, these are things I would do even if I lived alone, which is a big thing to remember. I often remind myself to find peace in simple, thankless tasks.

Practicing gratitude for something in my life everyday – As someone who struggles with anxiety almost daily, I have found that anxiety helps me experience more gratitude.  When something is going well, or something made me smile, I feel very grateful.  Sometimes it’s something as simple as being grateful for heat in my home to keep me warm, or cabinets full of good food. I’m grateful for the ability to take trips and vacations and have weekends away. I’m grateful for a healthy daughter.  I’m grateful for lots of things, and I’m always looking around seeing more and more to be thankful for in my life.

What are the experiences and joys that matter most in your life?

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