3 All-Natural Lip Liners I Love


Left to Right: Honeybee Gardens in Zen, Zuzu Luxe in Cherry, Jane Iredale in Spice

I have a very small collection of natural lip liners – 3, to be exact.  All three are creamy, beautiful, and great for perfecting the lip line and/or layering under lipstick or lip gloss.

The first natural lip liner I purchased was the cult favorite Jane Iredale lip pencil in the color Spice.  Highly praised for being a great natural nude color, I picked this up on positive reviews alone.  The color pulls cool toned on me – it definitely has a hint of a purple-mauve to it, but it is a beautiful cool toned nude matte lip color.


Above: Jane Iredale lip pencil in Spice







I use Spice a lot if I’m doing a darker eye look – it is absolutely beautiful paired with a smokier eye. It’s also good if you like to slightly overdraw your lip line.


Top to bottom: Honeybee Gardens in Zen, Jane Iredale in Spice, and Zuzu Luxe in Cherry

All three liners are creamy, spread easily, and are nicely pigmented.  I do deal with some bleeding with the Zuzu Luxe Cherry lip liner, but that isn’t too surprising with a highly pigmented red color.  The liner that stays in place the best is the Jane Iredale pencil.  It stays put and doesn’t stray onto my face at all.  It is also the most matte of the three.



Above: Zuzu Luxe lip liner in Cherry







The Zuzu Luxe Cherry lip liner is a very classic red color and results in a very highly pigmented red lip – no need for red lipstick on top.  However, I do have to be super careful when I line my lips with this liner – any boo-boos can be hard to cover up or correct, because the pencil is very pigmented.

The most recent purchase of mine is the Honeybee Gardens lip liner in Zen.  Not only is this a great price for an all-natural lip liner (under $10) but the color is a very natural pink color with some sheen.  It is extremely close to my natural lip color, which makes it perfect for lining my lips for a natural look, or layering under lip gloss.  It is the only liner of the three that is not matte – it has a slight reflective quality that you can see in my hand swatch.  It is not metallic or glossy, but merely has a bit of a luminosity.


Above: Honeybee Gardens lip liner in Zen







What are your favorite all-natural lip liners?