Nobody’s Perfect…Conventional Makeup Products I Own

conventionalmakeupbrandsSometimes I read blogs and watch YouTube videos about all-natural beauty and lifestyle, and I’m thinking, “This person is just too…perfect.” I know – nobody is actually perfect, but sometimes I let myself feel like I’ll never be “good enough” in an eco-friendly sense.  If you’ve ever felt this way, this post is for you.

I have had strong eco-friendly/environmental awareness since I was quite young (grade school) and it’s hard for me to be tolerant of myself in the areas where I still need improvement.  Take makeup, for example.  At least 90% of my makeup collection is made up of natural products with clean ingredients…but sometimes I do buy products that have less-than-stellar ingredients.  One area that I spend more money on is my skincare – I only have clean, pure products in that category.  One thing I have been adhering to with all my purchases is only buying from cruelty-free companies.

In the end, nobody’s perfect.  There are other women who call their approach to beauty products  “80/20” – about 80% of their products are on the natural side, while approximately 20% of their beauty products are more conventional brands that are not as natural.  I’d say I’m more 90/10, but that’s just a are three conventional makeup products I own and enjoy:

toofacednaturalpaletteToo Faced Natural Eyes Palette – I bought this palette in December with a gift card I got for Christmas. Honestly, these are the only eye shadows I’ve used since I got it.  The colors are so beautiful and blend effortlessly.  I can use this palette for everything from a barely-there neutral eye look, or layer the darker colors for a warm-toned smoky eye.  Every single shadow in this palette is beautiful – and that almost never happens for me.


browwiztaupeAnastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Taupe – This eyebrow pencil makes me so happy – it is the best my eyebrows have ever looked, with the most ease of any product I’ve ever tried for my brows.  A bonus is that this product rates a 2 on the EWG Skindeep database.


phyformnudeglowPhysician’s Formula Touch of Glow Nude Glow – So, I’m fairly certain this is the worst offender of the conventional makeup I own…and even though I really like this under-eye brightener/concealer, I won’t repurchase due to the unappealing ingredients.  It’s tempting to buy makeup products I can actually see in person, as opposed to makeup I can only see photos of online, but that’s the downside of using clean beauty products.  I’ve seen this Beautycounter Touch Up Concealer Pen which looks very similar, though it’s much more expensive at $32.  However, as often happens, I choose quality over price where I am able.  I’ll use up this Physician’s Formula and then find something comparable, but with cleaner ingredients.


Do you own conventional makeup even though you adhere mostly to organic and/or natural makeup?  What are your thoughts on this subject?

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