My Vitacost Order #1

This is what I bought on my most recent Vitacost order.  Vitacost is a great online shopping site for more natural, eco-friendly, healthy items such as bath/beauty, grocery, vitamins, etc.  They also have free shipping for orders over $49 and great customer service!

[This post is not sponsored, by the way – I purchased everything myself…I just happen to like Vitacost.]



Devita Solar Protective Moisturizer – This is a basic, untinted, unscented SPF 30 broad spectrum sunscreen.  I haven’t used it yet, but I swatched it and it was nice and light and blended into my skin easily.  I plan on using this more in the spring and summer when I’m outside but not wearing makeup.  I will also probably use it on my daughter when she plays outside.  She and I are both very fair skinned.


Oral Care:

Desert Essence Whitening Plus Mouthwash – I finally got my hands on a bottle of this after hearing so many people talking about it.  I really like it – tastes great, doesn’t burn, and even my daughter likes it.


Dr Tungs Smart Floss®

Dr Tungs Smart Floss – The best floss I’ve ever used, no contest.  Amazing.


Eco Dent ExtraBrite Toothpowder – I have been alternating this tooth powder with a toothpaste.  I really have been enjoying this.  I can already see that it has helped to whiten my teeth.  I drink coffee and tea everyday, so I wanted something to help with any stains my teeth might have.


Nature’s Gate Creme de Mint Toothpaste – This is OK….nothing that I would jump to repurchase, but it is nice.


Grocery Items:

Bionaturae Organic Tomato Paste – I use a lot of jarred tomatoes when I cook – I love that this is in a glass jar – which I absolutely prefer of BPA-lined cans.


Coconut Secret Coconut Aminos Sauce – This soy sauce alternative is absolutely delicious!  I wouldn’t mind have several bottles in my house.  The only downside is that it seems to go pretty fast – I’ve almost used an entire bottle by myself in about 2 weeks.  Yikes.


Gin Gins Hard Ginger Candy Double Strength – I love these for times when I have an upset stomach or a bit of nausea.


Nature’s Path Organic Corn Flakes – We love corn flakes with almond milk in our house.  These are yummy and more on the crunchy side.


NOW Foods Organic Non-GMO Popcorn – Corn is one of those foods that I will only buy organic.  My daughter loves popcorn and was super thrilled when she saw that I bought this.

Primal Strips Meatless Vegan Jerky – I bought four flavors of this vegan jerky, but the Hickory Smoked was my favorite.  High in protein, low in calories, and so delicious.  I do try to avoid soy, but I’m glad that the soy used is non-GMO.


Tree Hugger All Natural Bubble Gum – Another treat my daughter always asks for is bubble gum.  Nearly every single brand of gum at a conventional store is filled with nasties that I won’t let my daughter have.  It can be really hard to tell your child “No” all the time to something as simple as bubble gum.  When I saw this natural bubble gum for kids, I was so tickled to find it.  The gum balls are really yummy and the flavors actually hang around for more than 60 seconds.  The next time I order from Vitacost, I’m going to get a few bags.

Have you tried any of these products?  What are your favorite things to buy on Vitacost?

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