Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em? My Recent Natural Beauty Samples

makeupsamplesBecause many non-toxic, clean beauty brands are considered luxury green brands – i.e. relatively expensive – I always like to sample products before I purchase a full-size.  Sometimes this helps me find products I love and am willing to purchase full-sizes of….but sometimes I find that the products don’t work for me.  In fact, there is only one product from all these samples that I would potentially purchase a full-size of in the future.  I purchased five samples from Bella Cuore for $25 and received good sized samples within a few days of my order.  The rest were complementary samples received in a recent Integrity Botanicals order.  Read on for my experiences and thoughts on each product, from RMS Beauty, Kjaer Weis, and Jane Iredale.

sampleswatchesPhotos above and below are the same exact swatches – the photo above was taken in indirect sunlight, and the bottom photo is in direct sunlight.  Swatches, top to bottom: RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-up in shade 00; Jane Iredale Glow Time BB Cream in BB1; Kjaer Weis Foundation in shade Lightness; Jane Iredale Active Light Concealer in shade #3; RMS Beauty Master Mixer; Kjaer Weis Dazzling Bronzer; Kjaer Weis Radiance Highlighter


Here are my thoughts and experiences with each of the products:

RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up in shade 00 –  This is the product out of the group I’d be most likely to purchase in a full-size.  The “Un” Cover-Up is very pigmented and emollient.  It is great for multiple uses – it can be best used as an all-over medium-to-high coverage foundation, or as a spot concealer for blemishes or red spots.  It could also be used under the eyes, but I don’t like using it for that purpose because it is too thick and I like a more liquidy under eye concealer.  I really like this product and have been using my sample for spot treatment of red spots here and there.  In comparison to the Kjaer Weis foundation, this one is more of a yellow undertone and is more moisturizing.

Jane Iredale Glow Time BB Cream in BB1 – This shade is by far one of the lightest foundation shades I’ve ever come across.  Typically, I’m always a match for the lightest shade of a company’s foundation.  However, BB1 is too light for me.  I cannot use this at all, which is disappointing because I’ve heard such great things about the formula.  I’d love to try one of the darker shades that would be a better match for my skin tone.

Kjaer Weis Foundation in shade Lightness – I actually really enjoyed this foundation (you can see it on me in one of my Instagram photos here).  However, it is a little too drying for my skin.  When first applied, it was gorgeous, but as the day went on, it showed signs of wear – breaking up a bit and accentuating dry patches.  This may be perfect for me from July-September, but for most of the year, it’s not hydrating enough.  However, it really is a beautiful foundation!

Jane Iredale Active Light Concealer in shade #3 – This concealer was nice as far as moisturizing my under eye area.  However, as far as coverage, it isn’t heavy-duty enough for my dark under eye circles.

RMS Beauty Master Mixer – I was so excited to try this, based on all the hype and positive reviews.  You can see from the swatch on my arm that it looks like a rose-gold bronze shade on me.  I cannot use it as a highlighter – it did not look flattering.  I did try it as a blush topper, and it’s OK for that purpose.  Overall, though, I wouldn’t purchase this because it’s just not my personal cup of tea for my skintone.  However, I fully plan on buying the Living Luminzer once I finish my current highlighter.

Kjaer Weis Dazzling Bronzer – I liked this bronzer, but I don’t like it as well as RMS Beauty Buriti Bronzer.  The Dazzling Bronzer has a drier texture and a warmer undertone.  In contrast, RMS Beauty Buriti Bronzer is creamier, easier to blend, and has a more neutral undertone that can more easily be used as a slight contour.  I’m going to repurchase the Buriti Bronzer once the heat of summer is over.

Kjaer Weis Radiance Highlighter – This is, by far, the product I’ve wanted to try the most.  I’ve been excited to try it for months.  When I finally got my sample, I was really disappointed.  This highlight did not show up well at all on my skin.  That seems odd considering I’m fair skinned – but this is the issue: lightly applied, the highlight wasn’t very noticeable on me – and more heavily applied, it looked unnatural.  I just couldn’t make this work for me, though I will say it is beautiful and would be great on someone else.

Given my experiences with these products, I really love being able to sample makeup products before committing to a full-size.  It is often far too difficult to tell from photos online what foundations, concealers, highlights, and bronzers will look like and feel like once applied to my particular skin.  I’m grateful that there are online shops that are willing to include samples with purchase or samples for a reasonable cost.


What are your experiences with all-natural makeup samples?  Have you ever gotten a sample of something you thought you’d love, only to find it did not work for you at all?  Let me know in the comments!

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