Summer 2016 All-Natural Skincare: Morning Routine

july2016morningskinMy skincare routine is ever evolving, but these are the products I’ve been using pretty steadily the past few weeks.  As a reference, my skin is normal.  I don’t have dry skin nor oily skin.  I have the occasional blemish.  My main concern is hydration and preventing fine lines/wrinkles.

Whether or not I wash my face in the morning depends on what my skin looks like.  If it doesn’t look oily, I skip washing, but if it’s a bit oily or I’ve worked out that morning, I like to do a super light cleanse.  One of the gentlest cleansers I’ve used thus far is the Blissoma Mild Rice Facial Cleanser.  It’s very mild and gentle and while I wouldn’t use it in the evening for a second cleanse, it’s perfect for mornings when I just want fresh skin that is prepped for other products.

After I’ve cleansed (or if I haven’t cleansed, before I do anything else), I like to spritz a little hydrating toner on my face.  I stay away from anything astringent for a toner because it tends to irritate my skin, and I don’t really need blemish control.  Lately I’ve been using the 100% Pure Jasmine Green Tea Tonique.  It has a very light, fresh scent, and I love the white glass bottle.

When I remember, I use the Previse Defend Face Serum.  I received this in a Beauty Heroes box last year and for a while I didn’t really use it, but I’ve found it works excellent under makeup in the mornings.  Plus, it is designed to provide not only hydration to the skin, but environmental protection.

The last thing I do before I start on my makeup is sunscreen.  I’ve been using the Kari Gran 365 SPF 28, which is an oil-based physical sunscreen. I received this in the July Beauty Heroes box (I absolutely love my BH subscription – it is money well spent for me).  The Kari Gran 365 is a bit heavy and greasy, but if I let it soak in for a few minutes, it’s quite tolerable.  I’m hoping that it will be excellent for fall and winter.

One last product is the Meow Meow Tweet Spot Serum.  This is an oil-based blemish treatment and it is the best one I have used.  It is mild but is fantastic for calming any inflammed or emerging pimples.  I dab a bit on spots if I see one coming.

That is it!  I have a few other products I rotate into my routine here and there this summer, but these are my staples currently.

What are you using and loving for your morning skincare right now?

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