5 Axiology Lipsticks: Swatches & Impressions

axiology1[Edited 11/02/16 – In July 2016, I had a 6 month old tube of Axiology lipstick go bad, which the company replaced.  In September 2016, I had an 11 month old tube of Axiology lipstick go bad, which was not replaced because I was told the lipsticks have a one year shelf-life…and I just let it go.  I am a big supporter of small companies that make natural products…however, I will not repurchase anymore Axiology lipsticks for the foreseeable future due to this recurrent issue with their lipsticks.  I realize that there are a lot of obstacles that all-natural makeup companies deal with, and I can’t imagine how much time, energy, and effort go into making a beautiful product that people will love.  I respect that.  But I will not spend $28 of my money on a lipstick whose shelf-life is so unreliable.]


I’ve done this once before with Axiology lipsticks, here, but I have three new shades to swatch and I love a good swatch post myself, so here are swatches of 5 shades!

I also want to note that I had an issue with one of my other Axiology lipsticks (not shown in this post) and after contacting Axiology’s owner Ericka, she responded right away with exceptional customer service.  I truly appreciate when companies stand behind their products, treat customers well, and have great attitudes.

Axiology just has great lipsticks and gorgeous packaging.  Yes, I do consider these luxury lipsticks, as they retail for $28 each – but you’re paying for high quality, all-natural vegan lipstick.  I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to ingest something, I want it to be natural and free of any toxic chemicals (and yes, if you wear lipstick you are absolutely ingesting some of it).  When I wear these lipsticks, I know that vegan, natural beauty doesn’t mean cutting corners or sacrificing quality, color, or wear-ability.axiologyswatch2Enlighten looks lavender when you swatch it heavily, but applied sheer it is actually beautifully understated.  It could absolutely be an everyday lipstick, especially if you are someone that already gravitates to anything with purple or lavender undertones.  It also has a subtle silver shimmer to the formula – very feminine and girly. Average wear time.

Philosophy is a salmon pink with strong pale orange undertones.  On my skintone, it doesn’t flatter when I apply it heavily.  When I apply one coat, however, it’s a very pretty warm-toned salmon color, suitable for daily wear. It is somewhat sheer and creamy. Average wear time.

Devotion strikes me as an amped-up version of my lips.  The color is a pink with subtle brown undertones.  Very pretty and office appropriate. Moderate coverage and creamy finish. Decent wear time.

Attitude is an electric pink.  Compared to my favorite pink ever, Ilia’s Neon Angel, this shade is slightly metallic and has more of a deep raspberry tone to it.  Semi-opaque and creamy. Good wear time.

Worth is a brick red with orange, so beautiful year around, but especially lovely for fall.  I actually haven’t used this lately, but it really is a gorgeous shade unlike any other lipsticks I have.  The finish is opaque, matte, and has a slightly dry consistency. Staying power is quite good because of the opaque finish.

What is your favorite Axiology lipstick shade, or what shade would you most like to try?

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