Our Lovely, Peaceful Fall Day

lakeSunday, October 9, 2016

8:30 a.m. – Drinking organic coffee we made in our French press (we’re both addicted to it since I bought it about three weeks ago). My husband asks if I would want to go to a lake about a 45 minute drive from home.  I’m on board. We pack up the kid and two dogs and are driving by 10:15.

11:00 a.m. – By this time we’ve made it to the college town that sets on the outskirts of the scenic lake area.  We go to a flea market, a Halloween store where my daughter tries on two costumes, both of which are “too itchy”, and finally stop to eat lunch before heading towards the lake.

1:30 p.m. – Finally arrive at our first stop where we hike for a while with a whiny little girl, one very smart, obedient dog, and one somewhat ditzy dog. I try to keep my sanity as I am interrupted 10-20 times while I take photos.

The sky is clear with just a few wispy clouds.  There is a breeze and it is about 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  Basically, the weather you’d expect in heaven.  Just perfection.

bugMy daughter is very curious about nature and always, always gets dirty.  I’ve learned to embrace and even enjoy the fact that she loves sticks, leaves, cute bugs, dirt, puddles, and sand.

2:15 p.m. – By this time, we’ve driven to be right on the lake. It’s lovely and the dogs and kiddo are loving being in nature.

scavengingOn the beach, there are things to be inspected by a curious little girl.  But under the trees, in shady spots, there are signs of autumn…

wetleavesI love the way leaves look when they’ve fallen to the ground but not yet decayed.  So beautiful and fragile.

rocksGathering pebbles on the edge of the lake.  I loved collecting rocks as a child.  I think it has to do with some unconscious childhood desire to connect back to the earth.

2:45p.m. – We drive a short distance to our final stop.  While the little one plays on a playground and literally buries her Barbies in the sand, my husband and I sit with two tired dogs under some shade trees.

dogs3:00 p.m. – Feeling genuinely blessed.  I’ve been dealing with ongoing health issues lately (I know, I should join the club, right?) and it is physically and emotionally draining at times, especially when I still work full-time and have a child.  Having days like this recharges me and makes me feel loved and at peace.

shadetrees3:15p.m. – Stop for gas and snacks – the husband has nuts and iced coffee, I have water and a granola bar, and kid has an ice cream sandwich, which is a special treat that she doesn’t get very often. Dogs have lots of fresh, cool water.

4:15p.m. – Husband and I get home and crash together in bed for a nice late afternoon nap.  Little girl plays very quietly (we always cross our fingers that she won’t be too loud – I was pretty vehement before we took a nap for her to play in her room right next to ours very quietly).

6:00p.m. – Little girl and I make homemade vegan chili and cornbread together.  I liked the cornbread but it got a thumbs down from her and husband…not sure why.  Oh, well.  The chili was good.

9:00p.m. – Everyone is settling down for the night: two little dogs, one little girl, and one husband and wife.  Nighty night.

10:30p.m. – Finally get kid to settle down and go to sleep after letting her watch a movie past her bedtime.  It’s OK since today is a holiday and she doesn’t have school.

You know how sometimes in interviews, a person is asked to describe their perfect day? This was pretty close for me.  Although it wasn’t like we were sipping coffee and eating croissants in Paris, it was special and beautiful nonetheless. Happiness comes when you create it.  I hope this post has inspired you to have a beautiful fall season and to try to get outside and enjoy the weather!

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