Natural Foundation Review: Light & Medium Coverage

Over the past few years, I’ve had the chance to try quite a few natural foundations, all liquid and cream products.  For years, I used Everyday Minerals Semi-Matte Base and loved it so much.  However, as I’ve gotten older, powder-based foundations just aren’t the best for my skin.

I’ve divided the foundations into categories based on coverage – I’ve done my best to place them where I feel they fall.  I’ve done my best to recall the performance of each product in the season(s) I used them.  Please don’t be offended if I give your favorite a mediocre score.  Everyone has different skin issues and needs.

It is also very important to note that I am grading them based on my experience using them on MY SKIN TYPE.  My skin is quite fair and I have neutral-to-warm undertones.  My skin type is normal most of the year and drier in the winter.  I do not have oily skin. I have an occasional blemish and a tiny bit of redness.  These points are very important to keep in mind.  I am in my 30s and am most interested in foundations that have additional skin benefits beyond mere “coverage” – ingredients that hydrate and nourish.  I’m not 20 with oily skin anymore, and thus do not seek out the foundations I once did.

However, I think the information here is usable to anyone who likes makeup and is interested in natural foundations.  There probably is something here for everyone, whether you are oily or dry, or 15 or 60. This post will include tinted moisturizers/SPFs and light-to-medium coverage options.  I’ll post next week with my experiences with medium-to-full coverage foundations.




Coola Unscented Matte Tint SPF 30 – [$36 retail] Grade: A

I love this product especially for summer if you are a bit oily.  It will not cover blemishes or lots of discoloration…but if you’re interested in light coverage then you probably don’t have those issues.  This is a great one-and-done product in that you have the mineral sunscreen but you have a slight tint as well, which helps to blur small imperfections and gives a more even look to your skin. The whipped mousse texture is just amazing.  This would also be the perfect type of product for a tween or teen who is becoming interested in makeup but doesn’t need much coverage.


Honest Beauty Beyond Protected Sheer Tint Beauty Fluid SPF 30 – [$28 retail] Grade: B

This is the more moisturizing counterpart to the Coola.  It has the same sun protection, similar coverage, but it’s a more moisturizing product.  I used this last year and had no issues with it at all.  I enjoyed it.  The only problem I had was that when the bottle was 2/3 empty, it was an absolute nightmare to get the rest of the product out.


Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream – [$39 retail] Grade: A

This is the product I’d be most likely to repurchase if I was currently in the market to buy a tinted sunscreen. I used the shade Natural Glow.  It has a consistency that leaves your skin dewy and moist – not so great in summer if you have oily skin, but perfect for the rest of the year.  It is somewhat comparable to the Suntegrity Tinted Sunscreen, but as it’s a little cheaper, I would probably go with Juice Beauty.  The tint is very minimal – probably more to neutralize any white cast than to add any actual coverage, but if you don’t need a lot of coverage, this is great. It helps to even skin tone, hydrate, and blur imperfections.  I’d attest to those claims.  It also give a very subtle glow to the skin.




100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Tinted Moisturizer – [$45 retail] Grade: C-

One of the first liquid natural foudations I purchased. About two years ago I purchased this in the shade Crème.  Although I’m quite fair, I am more neutral-to-warm toned and do not have much pink in my skin.  This color was too dark and too pink to begin with, and I wasn’t a big fan of the greasy texture or the finish, either.  Because of that experience, I’ve never wanted to spend my money on their foundations since.  Although, I love their Pot Rouge blushes and their Lip Glaze lipsticks.


Pacifica Dreamy Cover Bare-Faced Serum Foundation SPF 20 – [$17 retail] Grade: B

This foundation is pretty good.  The price point is excellent and it includes SPF 20 – great for those who tend to be a bit lazy about applying sunscreen. I actually used this pretty frequently in the spring and early summer. It blends very nicely and is beautifully lightweight but has surprisingly good medium coverage.  I have just two issues.  The first is that there are only 3 shades.  The lightest shade, Fair/Light, is what I have and it is still a little too dark for me.  The second issue is wear-time.  I always had issues with this breaking up on my chin and around my nose and mouth after just 2 or 3 hours of wear.  However, still a good foundation for the price.


Adorn Hydrating Cream Foundation – [$65 retail] Grade: A-

Ouch.  That price.  I have a sample of this, and was completely surprised by how much I loved it.  Then I tried it again and again and still loved it.  The light-medium coverage is very nice, the texture is a light cream.  It is comfortable on the skin.  The finish is velvety – not dewy and not matte.  Oh, so gorgeous.  The shade Fair is a pretty darn good match for me considering this product is available in only five shades.


Fitglow Beauty Vita-Active Foundation – [$55 retail] Grade A+

This is my current favorite foundation that I could get away with wearing year-round.  That’s saying a lot!  I have the shade VF1.  It is easily the most hydrating and nourishing foundation I’ve tried. As hydrating as it is, it’s not greasy at all, nor is it matte, nor is it cakey or too sheer.  This is basically my Goldilocks foundation right now.  Bravo, Fitglow Beauty.  It isn’t the most highly pigmented foundation I’ve tried, and there are definitely times I’ve wished it was more full-coverage, but it has enough coverage to work just fine for me.  I don’t think this would be ideal for someone with a ton of texture or inflamed pimples because typically people with those skin issues want something more mattifying and full coverage.  However, if you want something that is basically a hybrid skincare-foundation and you want a skin-like finish with a hydrating light-medium coverage, this one is excellent.

Are you a fan of any of these options, or do you have another light-medium coverage foundation that you love?

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