My passions



I am passionate about…

…the planet, its welfare and health. I believe the planet is sick and ailing because of an illness known as modern human civilization. It hurts my heart beyond words when I think of what mankind has done to our wonderful, beautiful, fragile planet. The first thing anyone can do to live a more “eco-friendly” life is to really take to heart the old reliable, “Reduce Reuse Recycle” motto. Reduce your consumption of ‘stuff’, Reuse as much as you can, Recycle as much as you are able.

…a clean-eating vegetarian diet with as much organic food as possible. I have been a vegetarian for half my life and have made the decision to become vegan. I’ve been working on eating less and less dairy over the past year.  I eat no whole eggs – occasionally I might consume food that contains eggs, but I try to avoid this.  The egg/dairy issue is really only a struggle when I’m eating out.

an all-natural, organic, toxin free home and body. This means no chemical cleaners in our home, no toxic products on our bodies, and nothing to pollute our air as far as we can control it. I swoon over all-natural skincare and beauty products and love knowing how good they are for my body. I have peace of mind knowing that even if my daughter or our dog got into the cabinets, there is nothing that would seriously harm them.

…fitness, in whatever form works for an individual. I am in awe of marathoners and runners – I have never enjoyed running. My fitness soul-mates are Pilates and Yoga. And in case you’re wondering, I am nowhere near being an expert at either!

preventative, proactive health, not reactive. That means doing everything within my ability and knowledge to keep myself healthy and fit. And when I DO get ill, I first try all-natural options before turning to traditional “western” medicine. I am a kindergartener when it comes to knowing about this subject, but I’m an apt pupil! I have not had antibiotics in so long I cannot remember, but at least five years. I have not had a stomach virus for many years, either.

…animal welfare, which is one of the big reasons I am a vegetarian. I also do my damnedest to avoid companies and products that conduct animal testing.

….raising my daughter to be a socially-conscious, eco-friendly human being who leaves the earth better than she finds it.

finding inner peace in a chaotic, confusing, overwhelming world, whether through meditation, spirituality, communion with a higher power, or whatever works. I have struggled greatly with anxiety and depression off and on since I was a teenager and have a tendency to be highly sensitive to the point where I had to stop watching the news (it helps that we don’t have cable). It is important to control stress, and over the years, I have learned how to minimize it. I still have situations and even periods of time that cause me great stress and anxiety, but in general, I have tried to make decisions to reduce the amount of stress in my life, and I am a happier person for it.