Non-Toxic Beauty & Skincare Wishlist

First, a little about my current approach to my skincare and beauty purchases. For months I’ve avoided purchasing products I don’t need.  Mostly, I purchase items as I run out.  Products like lipsticks and blushes are mostly a non-priority until I use up some of what I have.   The first reason for this approach is to budget finances better.  The second is that I don’t want to be consumed by materialism.  The third is that I find it ridiculous to accumulate more makeup or skincare products than I could ever use up before they went bad.

Having gotten that out of the way, here are some products that I’m interested in purchasing as I use up and replace my current items:


Purely Simple Face Cream

Osmia Organics Purely Simple Face Cream – It might seem as though something like this wouldn’t warrent a second glance – after all, it even says in the name that it’s a simple face cream.  However, all face lotions are not created equal…far from it.  I’ve tried lots, both mainstream when I was younger, and high end green brands.  This is my favorite and I want to repurchase soon.  It sinks into the skin quickly but leaves it hydrated, all with limited natural ingredients.  Let me just say that is no easy feat.



Rose Petal HydroSoul - evanhealy

Evan Healy Rose Petal HydroSoul – It’s been a while since I’ve purchased an Evan Healy hydrosol, but they are really great.  I love using rose water hydrosol in spring and summer when I need less moisture.  This one looks lovely and I love the packaging.


Image result for jordan samuel plie

Jordan Samuel Plié Treatment Cleanser – I feel like so many people have been talking about Jordan Samuel lately.  I love using a good cleanser that is also affordable.  For me, $20 for 3 ozs of natural face cleanser is very reasonable.  I’m really leaning towards buying this one when my other cleansers run out.


Earth Mama Angel Baby line – I want to try several of their products, primarily for my baby who is due this summer!  Currently, I plan on purchasing their Natural Nipple Butter for breastfeeding, their Natural Non-Scents Body Wash and Shampoo for baby’s bathtime, and some of their teas.


4.5oz Super Sensitive Organic Body Oil
California Baby Super Sensitive Body Oil – It’s important to me to use no fragrances (natural or otherwise) on my baby for the first few weeks.  Most baby oils contain fragrance or essential oils, which can potentially irritate delicate baby skin.  This is one of the few products I’ve found that is organic, affordable, and completely scent-free.


Kosas Lipstick in Undone – OK, I want pretty much every shade they make since I purchased Rosewater, which is an absolutely perfect lipstick.  If I must choose just one, I’d pick Undone, which is a makeup artist favorite, with good reason I’m sure. The shade is a nude pinky-brown and looks beautiful in every photo I’ve seen of it.


RMS Beauty Signature Set: Pop – I think these palette sets are brilliant.  RMS is probably my number #1 favorite non-toxic beauty brand if I had to pick, but they aren’t exactly affordable.  This is such a fantastic way to have multiple products for a fraction of the cost.


Image result for glossier boy brow

Glossier Boy Brow – I want to purchase a few of their products, but primarily Boy Brow in blonde. Doing my brows is pretty much a daily standard for me, even when I’m not wearing any other makeup.  I’d also love to try their Stretch Concealer and Cloud Paint.

What non-toxic, natural items are on your beauty/skincare/baby wishlist? Let me know in the comments!

Summer 2016 All-Natural Skincare: Evening Routine

eveskinsummer2016This is the evening portion of my current summer skincare routine.  My morning routine is described in this post.  These are the products I’ve primarily been using the past several weeks.  As a reference, my skin is normal – not dry nor oily, and though I’m not prone to breakouts, I do have a stray blemish here and there in the summer.

The very first thing I do is remove all of my makeup with coconut oil, and for about six months I’ve been using Cocovit. This does a great job at removing not only all my face makeup, but all my eye makeup, too (you can read about my love of this product here). After I massage the oil into my skin, I wipe it away with a hot wet cloth.  I’ve used other oils in the past, but have found that when it comes to single ingredient makeup removers, I vastly prefer pure coconut oil over others, such as jojoba oil.

Once my makeup is removed, I do my second cleanse with the Meow Meow Tweet Tea Tree Charcoal Bar Soap (pictured setting atop of the Cocovit).  I actually purchased this soap hoping it would be a more affordable alternative to the excellent Osmia Organics Black Clay Facial Soap, and while I’m not sure that they are equals (OK, they aren’t), the MMT works really well.  It lathers very nicely but is never drying to my skin.  I love ingredients like charcoal and tea tree oil for summer when my skin needs the extra cleaning power.

Après cleansing, I immediately spritz my face with a hydrating toner.  Lately it has been the 100% Pure Jasmine Green Tea Tonique.  Toners are one of my favorite products to try, so I’m not yet loyal to any one particular toner.  I do really like the Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator, though (but I must confess that I’m not a fan of the white plastic bottle packaging as I prefer glass bottles).


Top: Pacific Night Serum, Bottom: Juice Beauty Booster Serum

Next, I use a face serum, either Pacific Face Serum with Retinol (this product does not exactly exist anymore…I do believe that the Marie Veronique Gentle Retinol Night Serum is an equivalent product.  Correct me if I’m wrong.) or Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Booster Serum. Serums typically are lightweight and are quickly absorbed into the skin – these two products are no different and do just that.  I use these products as a targeted treatment to prevent fine lines and pigmentation.

Next I use an oil on top of the serum.  This summer I’ve alternated between the Skin Owl Mangosteen Beauty Drops or Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum (which to me is an oil, not a serum) and they are both very nice.


Above: Mahalo Rare Indigo Balm

Occasionally I’ve been using the Mahalo Rare Indigo Balm on my face (maybe twice a month) and I will often use it on my neck and décolletage.  I plan on primarily using this product during the fall and winter, though, due to the fact that it is a balm and therefore much heavier than an oil.


Above: One Love Organics Eye Balm

Lastly, I smooth a little One Love Organics Vitamin E Eye Balm under my eyes.  This is my favorite under-eye treatment I’ve used in natural skincare.  It is so thick it’s almost a paste, which I love.  A little bit truly does go a long way and one pot typically will last me around 8 months.

My night routine may seem long and tedious, but it isn’t in actuality.  Furthermore, it is a self-care ritual that I enjoy.  Taking care of my skin is a small thing I do each day, just for me, and it’s relaxing and beneficial mentally and physically.

What products do you love for your night skincare routine?  Have you used any of the products listed above?

Summer 2016 All-Natural Skincare: Morning Routine

july2016morningskinMy skincare routine is ever evolving, but these are the products I’ve been using pretty steadily the past few weeks.  As a reference, my skin is normal.  I don’t have dry skin nor oily skin.  I have the occasional blemish.  My main concern is hydration and preventing fine lines/wrinkles.

Whether or not I wash my face in the morning depends on what my skin looks like.  If it doesn’t look oily, I skip washing, but if it’s a bit oily or I’ve worked out that morning, I like to do a super light cleanse.  One of the gentlest cleansers I’ve used thus far is the Blissoma Mild Rice Facial Cleanser.  It’s very mild and gentle and while I wouldn’t use it in the evening for a second cleanse, it’s perfect for mornings when I just want fresh skin that is prepped for other products.

After I’ve cleansed (or if I haven’t cleansed, before I do anything else), I like to spritz a little hydrating toner on my face.  I stay away from anything astringent for a toner because it tends to irritate my skin, and I don’t really need blemish control.  Lately I’ve been using the 100% Pure Jasmine Green Tea Tonique.  It has a very light, fresh scent, and I love the white glass bottle.

When I remember, I use the Previse Defend Face Serum.  I received this in a Beauty Heroes box last year and for a while I didn’t really use it, but I’ve found it works excellent under makeup in the mornings.  Plus, it is designed to provide not only hydration to the skin, but environmental protection.

The last thing I do before I start on my makeup is sunscreen.  I’ve been using the Kari Gran 365 SPF 28, which is an oil-based physical sunscreen. I received this in the July Beauty Heroes box (I absolutely love my BH subscription – it is money well spent for me).  The Kari Gran 365 is a bit heavy and greasy, but if I let it soak in for a few minutes, it’s quite tolerable.  I’m hoping that it will be excellent for fall and winter.

One last product is the Meow Meow Tweet Spot Serum.  This is an oil-based blemish treatment and it is the best one I have used.  It is mild but is fantastic for calming any inflammed or emerging pimples.  I dab a bit on spots if I see one coming.

That is it!  I have a few other products I rotate into my routine here and there this summer, but these are my staples currently.

What are you using and loving for your morning skincare right now?

10 Months of “Beauty Heroes” : My Faves & Thoughts

beautyheroscollectionI’ve now been subscribed to the Beauty Heroes subscription box for almost a year.  The box is a monthly subscribtion that delivers all-natural non-toxic skincare/haircare/bodycare to you for $39 a month.  It is a fantastic value for what you get if you can afford the $39 per month.  Here is a complete retrospective of every single box I’ve received.  I’ve tried to be completely open and honest about these products and my experiences with them.  Everyone is different and has their own unique skincare and haircare needs, so I’m just one voice saying what I think.  Enjoy!


July 2015Mahalo Pele Mask with Vacation Glow Body Oil sidekick

This was my first box, and I remember I signed up because I had wanted to try the Mahalo Pele Mask and this was a fantastic price I couldn’t turn down.  My first box was $29 and I received a full size of the mask and a trial size of the body oil.  I still use the mask, though during the winter I was dealing with super sensitive and dry skin so I didn’t use it for about three months.  Now, I’m incorporating it into my skincare once again.  This mask is fantastic.  I’m no esthetician, but I’ve used enough skincare to know that this works for me.  The body oil was so nice, and I really liked the scent, but as I’m not a huge fan of spending my money on body oils, I wouldn’t repurchase the body oil.


August 2015Previse SkinCare Nutrify Tonic with Defend sidekick

This is the box I’ve been most unsure of.  The Nutrify Tonic is a watery-gel like fluid that is meant to put on after cleansing and before oil/moisturizers.  It helps the skin to stay hydrated and fight free radicals.  I hit this hard during the winter, but honestly, I’m not really sure how much it helped.  The Defend serum is meant as an a sort of sun and environmental protective layer. Their website says this “Pre-sun solution helps to prevent skin damage from sun exposure while aiding in the protection of skin cells, collagen density and elasticity over time.”  In the past, I’ve tried the Previse Hydromilk and loved it – so my indifference to the Beauty Heroes box products isn’t reflective of the brand as a whole.  Though high quality, I wouldn’t repurchase these two products at this time.


September 2015Kahina Giving Beauty Eye Serum with Facial Lotion sidekick (not pictured)

In this box, I was absolutely in love with the sidekick Kahina Facial Lotion, but not so much the eye serum.  Eye serums are just not my favorite.  One I tried gave me milia, and this one balled up terribly under makeup.  I vastly prefer eye balms – but that is just personal preference.  I used up the lotion in record time, even though I’m primarily a face oil kinda girl.  The lotion was just wonderful, and I actually would love to have a full-size, but I have too many other products to justify buying it right now.  The eye serum, sadly, is setting unused in my cabinet.  I can’t bring myself to throw it away, and I don’t really have anyone to whom to pass it along.


October 2015In Fiore Treate Gentle Cleansing Emulsion + Lustra Illuminating Cleansing Essence

In this box, I loved the Lustra cleansing oil – it smelled floral and fantastic and melted off my makeup and was an excellent first cleanse.  Sadly, it was the sidekick and therefore not a full-size.  The Treate Cleansing Emulsion is a milky cleansing lotion meant to be used as the second step in a double-cleanse method.  I am still working my way through this cleanser.  I don’t reach for it everyday – it depends on what my skin needs.  I like it – but I don’t love it.  It didn’t seem fantastic for my dry winter skin, and it certainly isn’t my first choice for spring/summer skin when I’m more prone to have a random blemish here and there.  I would love to have a full-size of the Treate oil, but at $125 for a full-size, I can’t stomach the price.  Definitely a very luxe eco-minded brand for those who want highly pampering products for skincare rituals.


November 2015Josh Rosebrook Balance Shampoo + Balance Conditioner with Firm Hold Hairspray sidekick

Let me start with saying that for the past few years, I’ve had very little done to my hair beyond a haircut.  My hair is not processed, dry, brittle, or weak.  I do have a few highlights, but they are minimal.  My hair is actually on the oily side with slightly dry ends and very fine…a frustrating combination.  Having said all that, I’m probably not the best person to ask about lux eco haircare…I just don’t have high demands from haircare products.  However, this shampoo and conditioner combo was great, and I really loved it!  It smelled nice, lasted a while (maybe 2 or 3 months if memory serves), and made my hair soft and clean without being totally weighed down.  I love the hairspray sidekick and still use it.  I very rarely use hairspray, but when I do I just love using this one.  It’s the best smelling hairspray I’ve ever had and it has a flexible hold – not crunchy or dry.


December 2015Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum

Lots and lots of people have talked about the Vintner’s Daughter serum in the December box – not only because it is a phenomenal oil of green beauty cult status, but because of it’s price tag of $185 for 30ml. [In my experience, this product is more of a face oil, as opposed to a serum, despite the fact that the company calls it a serum.] Would I or could I ever justify paying full price for this oil?  Maybe.  Do I think this oil is great?  Yes.  Do I think it is “the face oil to end all face oils” – I don’t know, that’s a pretty big claim.  I do know that it is a fantastic face oil and one of the best I’ve used, but then I’ve used $40 face oils that I absolutely loved.  I will say I’m blown away by the care taken to create this powerhouse oil.  I’m still using it, I love it, and am relishing every drop.


January 2016Osmia Organics Black Clay Facial Soap + Purely Simple Face Cream

Overall, this was probably my favorite box so far.  Why?  Because it’s the only box I’ve received where I truly love both products.  I think my second favorite was the Vintner’s Daughter.  Osmia is a truly beautiful company and every product I’ve tried from their line has been great.  There facial soaps are absolutely amazing – yes, I prefer the convenience of a pump bottle for face cleanser, but the bars of soap have less packaging, which is much more environmentally friendly.  Before the Black Clay soap in this box, I had the Luz Enzyme soap, and both of them are just amazing.  I think Osmia makes the best facial soap/cleanser.  They are cleansing without stripping, they smell fantastic, and the price point is reasonable.  The Purely Simple Face Cream is excellent for times when I want something nourishing and moisturizing without having a layer of oil on my face.  I know I can put the lotion all over my face and it will absorb within a minute. Also included in this box was a sample of their brand new Nectar Vital Rose Drops oil, and I loved it as well.  Not one negative thing to say about the products or company.  I want to go on an Osmia shopping spree!


February 2016Beautycounter Lustro Rose Neroli Body Oil with Petal Lip Sheer sidekick

I love the scent of this body oil – it is grown-up ladylike scent and when I use it, I feel like I’m really pampering myself.  The bottle is also lovely on my open shelf – sleek, modern, and clear so that you can see the beautiful deep yellow oil.  Again, I’m not a body oil enthusiast – I’m perfectly thrilled with my $19 tube of 100% Pure Body Cream – but this oil is decadent for me-time, after showers, and was very nice during the end of winter as well.  As far as the lip sheer, I was disappointed at first that, for me, it is basically a lip balm in fancy packaging.  But boy, fancy packaging sure is more fun to use than a boring lip balm tube.  I’ve used this quite a bit, but it’s not nearly as moisturizing as lip balm, and it doesn’t have much pigment of which to speak…so it’s just a nice hint of pink when you don’t need lip balm or lipstick, but you want something.


March 2016SkinOwl Mangosteen Beauty Drops PM

The Mangosteen Beauty Drops is a fantastic face oil for both morning and night.  And without a doubt, it is one of the yummiest smelling products I’ve ever smelled.  It is like fruity candy, but it’s all natural!  There’s proof right there of the wonders of nature.  I love this face oil so much, and the fact that it is 2ozs (instead of the standard 1oz) makes it even better, because my husband and I both use face oil, so this lasts longer.  To me, this oil is a great go-to natural face oil.  It’s practically universally appealing.  I’ve also used their Geranium Drops and loved that face oil as well.


April 2016True Nature Botanicals Pacific Exfoliating Moisture Mask with Pacific Face Oil sidekick

It has taken some time for me to discover that I enjoy the mask from this box.  At first I applied too much and my skin was uncomfortably tingling within three minutes.  Now, I use a much lighter hand and rinse after 3-4 minutes.  It does seem to work well with my skin – no irritation, no redness, no breakouts.  I’ll have to use this more long-term to know my true feelings.  As far as the face oil, I love it, too!  Are you seeing a pattern here?  I pretty much love every face oil I’ve tried from Beauty Heroes – they are just top-of-the-line.


I love my monthly Beauty Heroes box – I’ve yet to be disappointed.  Maybe there have been some products I didn’t love as much as others, but that’s expected.  I think this is a fantastic value and such a great way of exposing people to healthy, natural, non-toxic options in skincare, haircare, and bodycare.  Bravo, Beauty Heroes.  Can’t wait to see what’s in next month’s box!

What do you think of the Beauty Heroes subscription?  What products do you love, or want to try?  Share your thoughts with me in the comments!